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7 Things You Must Know Before Planning a Birthday Party

7 Things You Must Know Before Planning a Birthday Party

It’s an incredibly special day, so there’s no stopping you when it comes to planning the perfect birthday bash. We wait all year to celebrate big days, whether its our 21st or our kids birthday, and with an amazing party planned, we’d sure to have the best days ever.


From parties inspired by florals and sprinkles, strawberries, and lemonade to princess bashes of every variety to little baby bosses, friendly little dinos, construction cones, or the manliest black and gold champagne cake… You name it, birthday parties are only limited by your imagination!

The party theme is crucial than you think. It determines the caterer and cake decorator you engage, and has an influence to the party bags and decor items you purchase, right up to the serviettes and cutlery!


There is no standard formula for how much you should spend on what. Rather, ask yourself what you value the most. Is it the caterer that tastes the best? Or an awesome venue that costs $2,000 a night? Would you be happy with a condominium function room under $50, and spend $1000 on the dessert table set up and backdrop so you can take beautiful photos for keepsake?

After working with at least 100 party planners, I noticed that most distribute their budget as below:

Catering: 33%

Cake and Desserts: 25%

Party Decor, Backdrop and Dessert Table: 25%

Venue: 17%

It often helps to set budgets that matches what you have in mind. With a $1,000 budget, you can expect a modest celebration in a resort in the East, serving about 30 pax. If your venue comes for free, then better yet, you get more budget to spend on food and goodie bags!


Not all of us are born artists and some of us are simply clueless at how we want our little one’s dream cake to be decorated. The design is usually largely dependent on your party’s theme. Let your cake decorator know your theme and your party size, and they will suggest some designs to you. It helps to tell your decorator if you’d like the cake tall or standard, single or double tiered, and what important elements you want in your cake. Have them to sketch it out for you if you’re making changes to an original cake design so there is zero miscommunication.

It helps to get a few quotes from different decorators too, but comparing based on price isn’t the best idea. Check out reviews, their customer service and if the price that they are offering is close to the market rate given that design, because which competent cake decorator would offer a cake at below market price?

Start planning your design with our expert craftsmen here!



Think of fondant as edible playdough made primarily of sugar. Butter cakes (which are denser and sweeter) are covered in a thin layer of fondant, decorated and placed under air-conditioning to blow dry. Fondant is great for making realistic art work and characters that would not have been possible with cream. It is way more intricate, therefore pricier. Temperature here is important, for anything too cold (refrigeration) or warm (24 degrees and up) will cause  the fondant to turn shiny, and if the temperature change is drastic and cake stays outside long enough, the decorations may wilt and appear to be “melting”.

Buttercream, on the other hand, is a lot more forgiving but stays in air-conditioning 3-4 hours. After 4 hours, it will start to soften and appear shiny. Thankfully, buttercream is less sweet and holds up better to softer cakes (which has lower sugar as well!). Most cake artists in Singapore are buttercream artists, but there are great fondant cake artists too!

Too many party planners decide on the theme of their party and then google “(Theme of party) cake”. They end up showing cake decorators a ton of fondant cake photos that is difficult to reproduce with buttercream and get shocked with a completely different cake on the day of their party. The safest way out is to tell your cake artist what you like and have him or her recreate a cake unique to your party. Better yet, pick from their tried and proven catalogue of designs.


A stunning cake centrepiece is awesome. And it is not complete without a table of desserts. Feel free to decorate the photo-taking corner with DIY goodie bags, vases, pastries and sweets – because its a sweet celebration 😉

Take advantage of dessert table packages or pastries bundles – they are often a lot more value for money as compared to if you were to get them ala-carte. If you have a strict budget, stay away from highly customised pastries for they will cost a bomb! But if you do have some allowance to work with, hire a events planner or dessert table specialist to set up and tear down for you while you get busy being a happy mommy on that day!


Many popular venues, awesome caterers and bakeries fill up fast, some as early as two months in advance, especially on weekends and hot dates. It is highly beneficial to plan in advance. Would you prefer a thoughtful work-out of your cake design or haphazard planning because we are all out of time? What if you needed a special figurine or element in your cake that requires shipping over from overseas? A golden tip here is always to book first and make changes later, if necessary.

It pays to plan in advance, literally. Because once you’ve decided your theme, you can Taobao direct all your pom-poms, goodie bags, stationeries, light boxes and a truckload of decor. Mommies reading this, I know you’re smiling. 😉


There was once a friendly customer who told me planning her son’s 1st birthday was crazier than planning her wedding. Everything was planned to the most minute detail, she was so overwhelmed, and she called me every midnight to check on her cake design.

I was happy to help, though. In fact, planning an event can be really fun – from shipping all your decor from Taobao all the way to planning the intricacies of your dessert table.. It is a nice break from work and when that day is over, these photos become precious memories you look back when we grow up.


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