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How To Create A Fancy Dessert Set-up Without Spending a Fortune!

How To Create A Fancy Dessert Set-up Without Spending a Fortune!

Now that you’re done booking the venue, ordering the food & the cake, what else should you consider for your party?

A dessert table, of course!

They are a great way to showcase the delectable treats you have for your guests and it will definitely look great in photos! BUT! How do you come up with a stunning dessert table while keeping on a budget?

Well, here’s 6 important points that you should know before spending a ton on decor:

  1. Settle on a theme:

Not sure what fits? Ran out of ideas for a unique theme? Ask us!

There are so many themes to explore! If you want to go for colors, there’s pastel, rainbow or black & gold! If you want to go for something more rustic, there’s rustic botanical and scandanavian as well!

Think about what suits you the best and what shows your personality.

  1. Source for cake stands and dessert plates for rent, or purchase!

We wrote an article on where you can rent dessert plates for $10 or less so you don’t have to spend a ton on them! We got your back, party planners!

Remember, there’s always places that you can look for to get these items such as online shops etc. Do your homework before making your purchase so that way you can save more!

  1. Source for table decor:

What sort of table decor are you looking for? Plain table cloths? Fake leaves? Fairy lights? Banners?

For small adornishings such as flower petals, fake leaves (depending on your theme), you can always try IKEA and Daiso.

To create a whimsical look, you can buy fairy lights on Qoo10 and if you want a chalkboard for people to write messages on, you can check out TOTT suntec!

  1. Think about how to place them:

Golden tip from us: Vary the heights!

Make sure the ones behind are tall, in between are of medium height and put plates or wooden serving trays at the front.

You may also leave some blank spaces in between so that everything looks balanced and it will look fuller as well.

  1. Make sure the color and decor matches:

Choose your colors wisely!

You may take inspiration from the theme of your cake too if you can’t think of something.

If your cake’s theme is Paddlepop, you can pick pastel colored decors to complement it.

If it’s rustic woodland, you can pick brown, beige and white as your color palette to compliment your dessert table.

Now you know why picking a theme is important!

  1. Place your desserts above!

For every 10 pax, cater 2 dozens of desserts to ensure that your table doesn’t look as empty.

There’s a variety of desserts that you can choose from: Macarons, Mini Cupcakes, Parfaits, Tarts etc!

Choose bite-sized desserts so that everyone gets to try a few and it’s always good to have more for those who have a sweet tooth!

There you have it, 6 pro tips to help aid you before your celebration arrives!

If you’d like to see how it’s done, you can also check out our video over HERE!


To wrap this up, we know party-planning is definitely not a walk in the park. But it’s about enjoying the process of planning and sharing the fruits of your labor with your loved ones.

When you see your hard work and efforts being paid off, that’s when you know you did it!!

Before you know it, you’ll become so good at this and everyone will start turning to you for help! :p

Wanna be a queen on that day of your party? Having rental plates is one, knowing what to do with them is another… If you have some budget to spare, check this link out for a professional dessert table set up by our talent team!



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