Why I celebrate Christmas (Even though I’m not religious)

I cannot lie.

I love Christmas.

Here on the equator, we have no snow capped mountains and we don’t need to bring that cold jacket out. Christmas don’t mean cold. They mean cool log cakes!

I love Christmas.

BECAUSE of the slew of sweet treats I can stuff my face in.

BECAUSE of log cakes.

BECAUSE of love.

Being with friends and family is the biggest one and getting closer as people when we are all together for the holidays. Surrounded by the people we love can have such a positive impact on our spirit during Christmas time…

This is what Christmas means to most to me (and to other non-religious people) – getting to spend time with the people we love and catching up with old friends and reminiscing on old times. Christmas brings people together whether it be for a religious reason or not.

This is the time of giving and receiving, even if it’s with love and happiness rather than presents!

So go now – arrange a meet-up with a long lost friend, or plan in advance for an intimate family celebration, because there’s no better way to celebrate this joyous occasion than the with the warmth of your loved ones. 🙂



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