• Light Japanese Strawberry Shortcake
  • Light Japanese Strawberry Shortcake

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Light Japanese Strawberry Shortcake


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    Ohaiyo! If there was a star buy from our Classic Cakes range, it must be our strawberry shortcake. Expect moist and velvety vanilla cake layers, freshly cut American strawberries, and lightly sweetened fresh cream that tastes like clouds in your mouth. Our Light Japanese Strawberry Shortcake is coated with fresh whipped cream. As fondant accessories would melt when in contact with fresh cream, we do not recommend purchasing any fondant name/number to be placed on the cake. Refrigerate your strawberry shortcake at all times. When ready to celebrate, bring it out from the fridge to room temperature so the cake tastes soft and moist. This is not a strawberry shortcake recipe, but we’re sharing the intricate step by step work it took to make the best fresh cream cake in singapore. We took fluffy, voluminous egg mixture and gently folded it into the finest cake flour (and other dry ingredients, of course!). We laid the batter into an aluminium cake pan with parchment paper, and baked it on low heat to a golden brown. The result is not exactly a sponge cake. The cake layers are velvety soft and moist. It is Bob the Baker Boy’s signature vanilla cake. Next, we took the stand mixer. We whipped fresh cream into soft peaks, then added a touch of sugar and viola! It’s ready for cake decorating. Time to cut the fresh fruit! These are farm picked plump American Strawberries. They are best for strawberry shortcake because they will remain firm when layered within the cake, and won’t turn soggy. We don’t soak our strawberries in any sugar syrup, because we believe in natural. Strawberries and whipped cream is truly a match made in heaven!

  • What's Included

    All standard cakes comes with a disposable knife and 1 long gold candle

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