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7 Highly Popular Kids Birthday Party Themes for Girls

7 Highly Popular Kids Birthday Party Themes for Girls

Spread some baby love!

After being a part of more than 10,000 1st birthday parties for kids, you can trust on us to understand what your little one will go gaga over. Your girl’s birthday party shall be an unforgettable one with our cakes that are specially designed for the little ones! Make this year’s birthday one of life’s sweetest moments with our huge range of themed cakes today!

Unicorn Cakes

Go on a mystical journey with our Unicorn Cakes, curated for our dear little princesses. Unicorn Cakes will always be a magical idea for girls' birthday cakes! 

Vibrant colours, unique designs and pretty unicorns - it’s no wonder why our Unicorn Cakes have grown to be the go-to girls’ cakes! They’re also widely used as baby shower cakes for girls, 1 year old birthday cakes and full month cakes for babies. Our gorgeous cakes have brought us a long way over the years, and have created the sweetest moments for our customers!

Our cake shop has a multitude of gorgeous Unicorn cakes to choose from, and they’re most apt for use as kids’ birthday cakes, specifically as a 1st birthday cake for girls. Let our mystical cakes bring magic to your birthday parties. We’re sure that it’ll be an unforgettable birthday for your little princess with the prettiest unicorn cakes in Singapore! Browse through our Unicorn Cakes today!

Rainbow Cakes

Marbled cakes and gold details are for ladies… For your baby girl, bring out the class with Pastel Rainbow Cakes! Expect to see an explosion of colours if you’re looking for the most appealing rainbow cakes in Singapore! We use food colors of the highest quality in our cake recipe.

With some extra cake pans, our signature vanilla cake layers, powdered sugar and a little magic, we delight kids with a beautiful mix of red, orange, yellow, green and blue! Get inspired by our Rainbow Cake selection today!

JellyCat Bunny Cakes

Featuring the ever-so-popular JellyCat bunny, it’s no wonder why our JellyCat Bunny Cakes are extremely popular among the girls! Surprise your little one with a cute and intricately-designed JellyCat bunny on her birthday cake!

Alongside an intricate figurine of the JellyCat bunny, cute pastel features such as rosettes and macarons are also added into our designs! These elements further contribute to the pretty outlook of our JellyCat Bunny Cakes!

Mermaid Cakes

Delight your pretty little lady with our mystical mermaid birthday cakes! Here at Bob the Baker Boy, we curate enchanting Mermaid Cakes with magical elements injected into them. Think pretty pastel colours and life-like mermaid figurines!

If your baby girl is a fan of Ariel the Little Mermaid, our mermaid theme can definitely bring a fairy tale to life! Let there be magic in the air with our mystical Mermaid Cakes today!

Princess Cakes

Nothing fits better than a Princess Cake for a little princess! Our intricate Princess Cakes share the same core with our Mermaid Cakes, featuring enchanting elements and pretty pastel colours. Take your little one on a trip to wonderland with our Princess Cakes!

Rocking Horse & Carousel Cakes

Our Rocking Horse & Carousel Cakes feature intricately-designed details of horses and carousels alike! The pretty pastel colours definitely bring forth the element of femininity! They commonly serve as baby shower cakes and baby full month cakes!

Our Rocking Horse & Carousel Cakes look as good as they taste. Serving up pretty pastel colours, these cakes are extremely photogenic and are definitely Instagram-worthy! Browse through our Rocking Horse & Carousel Cakes today!

Anything Pink!

As mentioned previously, pink is a colour that generally defines femininity. Hence, you can never go wrong with our Pink Cakes when it comes to choosing a cake for your little girl! From cartoonish pink animal cakes to minimalist pink pastel designs, there’ll definitely be a design your girl will love!

If you’re unsure of which specific design of cake to choose from, a colour coded one usually does the trick! On that note, our Pink Cakes are perfect for gender reveal parties since pink represents the female gender!

1st Birthday Cupcakes for Girls, Maybe?

If you’ve been in the loop on our amazing cakes, then you’d know that the sky’s the limit here at Bob the Baker Boy! With our extensive range of cake designs including 3D Cakes, there’s sure to be one that suits your needs, whether it be for a full month celebration or for 1st birthday cakes! 

Our icing room specialises exclusively in low-sugar buttercream cakes. Our cakes are not so sweet, making it perfect for your precious little ones and your guests to enjoy! We must admit, the three most popular flavours in our cake shop includes our 55% Belgian Chocolate Cake, our Light Japanese Strawberries Shortcake, and our all-star Black Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese.

Finding yourself having to choose between cakes or cupcakes? We have them both! What’s even better is that we stick to halal certified ingredients as much as possible. At our cake shop, our lovely customers come first, and that’s why we make it a point to cater to everyone!

Prefer to customise your own? Share more about your dream birthday cake here with us today!

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Posted on 06 Aug 2021