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Looking for a birthday cake for your boss? The best 21st birthday cakes? Or for a smashing 50th birthday bash? We design unique birthday cakes - from the Modern Minimalistic Birthday Cake for the trendy lady, all the way to a Gravity Defying Beer Cake for your favorite alcoholic friend. How about a personalised Boba Milk Tea cake?

Now shop for the perfect cake for your celebration, and toggle between the different categories to get inspired by us.

Have a specific design in mind? Click here, and our skilful team of pastry chefs will tailor-make it according to your cake design specifications and cake size.

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Belgian Chocolate Bento Cake
Sale $25.90 from $19.90
Gingerbread-Man Whimsical Christmas Cake
Sale $188.00 from $178.00
Salted Caramel Chocolate Tarts
from $25.90
Coffee Themed Cake with Coffee Cup
from $188.00
Whimsical Rainbow Candyland Cake
from $148.00
Navy Blue Cake with Chocolates and Macarons  Request for lighter colors. Intense colors may stain
Sale $138.00 from $128.00
Teal Rainbow Candyland Whimsical Cake
from $158.00
Black-White Marble Cake with Candies and Macarons
from $138.00
Navy Blue Cake with Marbled Chocolates and Macarons  Request for lighter colors. Intense colors may stain
from $138.00
Navy Blue Swirl Cake With Marbled Chocolates
from $128.00
Chocolate Overload Cake with Popcorn
Sale $128.00 from $118.00
Signature 55% Belgian Chocolate Cake
from $59.90
Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate Cake  
from $59.90

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