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Birthday cakes. Wedding Cakes. Chocolate Cake. Rainbow Unicorn Cake - The colour of the exterior buttercream can surely be changed. We sift through all our designs and categorised them into the most popular colours for you. From the mystical galaxy cake, trending black and gold cakes, all the way to the whimsical rainbow drip cakes. Feeling Korean? Pastel coloured cakes are here to stay! Don't worry – the perfect cake is not a lie.

Found your favourite cake design, and would like to change the colour? Simply purchase it off the site, and indicate your preferred colour under “Notes”. We will contact you shortly

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Floral Cake in White, Pink and Gold
from $198.00
Queen's Crown Cake with Feathers
from $178.00
Lucky Money Bag Cake with Cash and Gold
from $168.00
Classy Black and Gold Cash and Ingots Cake  Request for lighter colors. Intense colors may stain
from $138.00
Three Little Puppies Cake in Gold Ombre
from $278.00
Pastel Pink and Teal Abstract Mini Cake with Gold Leaves
from $59.90
Classic Concrete Mini Cake with Gold Leaves
from $59.90
Rustic White Mini Cake with Gold Tipped Feathers
from $59.90
Classy Mini Gold Rimmed Cake with Gold Feathers
from $59.90
Gold Abstract Cake with Babies Breath Wreath
from $138.00
Cash and Ingots Birthday Cake in Classy White
from $138.00
Gold Fondant Number (Single Number)
from $10.00
Generic Gold Happy Birthday Topper
from $10.00
Long Gold Birthday Party Candle
from $1.00
Mini Cupcakes with Gold Leaves
from $45.00
Elegant Dusty Pink Floral Cake
from $168.00
Elegant Unicorn Pastel Cake in Gold
from $168.00
Cherry Blossom Cake with Golden Shou
from $138.00
Rustic White Cake with Thyme and Gold Leaves
from $103.00
Beer Cake with Cash, Gold Coins and Ingots  Request for lighter colors. Intense colors may stain
from $148.00
Unicorn in Sweet Pink and Gold
from $148.00
Black and Gold Great Gatsby Cake  Request for lighter colors. Intense colors may stain
from $168.00
Longevity Cake with Macarons and Gold Coins
from $138.00
Emperor's Gold Ombre Cake with 10 Chinese Grandsons
from $538.00
Contemporary White and Gold Safari Cake
from $258.00

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