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A Beginner’s Guide to Ordering a Customised Birthday Cake

A Beginner’s Guide to Ordering a Customised Birthday Cake

A Beginner’s Guide to Ordering a Customised Birthday Cake

You have a special occasion coming up. Your little boy is turning one. You’re planning your husband’s 30th birthday bash. Your lovely grandmother’s 80th longevity birthday is arriving. And the cake is going to be the centrepiece of the birthday party. It’s the time of the year, you need a birthday cake, made unique for that special someone.

Are you having a cosy celebration at home? Or are you planning a full-blown birthday party? Either way, no birthdays are complete without a cake. If you’re new to ordering cakes online, know these five things about us to get started!

1. We specialise in buttercream cakes

We’re experimented with so many decorating mediums, and we like buttercream the best. It is great for decorating cakes. Unlike its cousin, whipped cream, it does not bleed colour. It works well with fondant. It lasts hours in Singapore weather, without melting into a sticky mess.

We decorate our customised cakes with vanilla buttercream. That means you can have it any flavour inside, and it doesn’t affect the appearance colour.

The only downfall? If you pick a black exterior, you’ll likely end up with a good laugh! Go ahead if you are good with temporary discolouration of your teeth and mouth.

2. We have 8 unique cake flavours. Flavours include - Salted Caramel, Dark Chocolate and Ondeh Ondeh!

We carry them all. The good old dark chocolate cake. The peranakan-inspired ondeh ondeh cake. Or if you're feeling adventurous, try our sea salt caramel chocolate cake! 

You’ll likely read from our reviews that people love our Black Velvet cake flavour. That is our rendition of the Classic Red Velvet. We made it different with a touch of belgian chocolate… cause who’d complain with more chocolate? 

Other popular flavours include our Brown Sugar Boba Milk Cake. And did someone say Japanese Strawberries Shortcake? We have them too! They are soft as clouds and melt in your mouth.

Check out our flavour selection here!

Dying for us to carry a certain flavour? Email us at [email protected] for suggestions!

3. Our cakes are lower in sugar.

We use 50% less sugar than regular customised birthday cakes - good for your body, and good for your soul! They are soft and have a velvety smooth crumb. This makes our cakes suitable for diabetics, elderly, and kids. Everybody!

 Don’t take our word for it. Read our Google reviews!

 “First time ordering from Bob the Baker Boy but I must say that the experience was very good. The team responded to all my burning questions on time.  They sent a confirmation email, with instructions, after I submitted my order.  3 days to the delivery, I received another confirmation email.  On the actual day, I received the cake on the dot. It was a delicious and pretty cake!  Everyone liked the cake as it wasn't too sweet and we could taste that the ingredients were of good quality. I will definitely order again.”

- Guan Yeow Eng

“It was my first time ordering from Bob the Baker Boy. The experience from order-to-delivery has been nothing but a breeze. I made a last-minute change in the delivery date and address and they attended to it well. They are generally prompt in response and very accommodating. The cake which I ordered is delicious and not too sweet, which made my family very pleased. Thanks for making my mum and family’s heart full.”

- Maisie Goh


4. We have birthday cakes for every budget.

From bento cakes to your dream customised cake, we have something for every budget. If you’re looking at an affordable price range under $100, you get choices. Bento cakes, minimalist standard cakes, all the way to K-style cake designs. Have a bigger budget this round for a special celebration? Go all out with our fondant figurines and over-the-top designs!


5. We carry cakes for every occasion

We design cakes for every occasion. Wedding cakes, corporate cakes, longevity cakes. Let's explore 3D cakes, or even birthday cakes with cartoon characters!

More frequently asked questions:

  • Do you do dessert tables?

Need a dessert table for an intimate birthday party at home? Hit us up for bigger, elaborate celebrations, too! We set up dessert tables for every party size. Contact us for more information at +65-94994015/+65-88623327!


  • Do you customise cake flavours?

We get that often. Sometimes you are craving for an Earl Grey Lavender cake. Or your wife only eats black forest cakes. We for now offer only flavours within our flavour list. Fun fact: Each flavour goes through many round of tests before we release it. We will take your suggestions into account on our next round of flavour development!

*P.s. We do not carry Lychee Rose or Peanut Butter Banana Cake anymore!


  • How are Bob the Baker Boy’s cakes priced?

You can find most of our standard or pre-designed cake prices on our website. If you prefer fully customized cakes, the best way to order is to tell us a bit more about your dream cake here!

 Your cake price will vary based on the cake size, amount of skill involved, and the time taken to complete. We design any cake of your dream. The only limitation? Our cake base has to be round, and covered in cream.


Looking for birthday cakes in Singapore? Now go shop away here!

Need more help? Speak to any of our friendly customer success representatives at +65-94994015/+65-88623327 (Whatsapp).

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Posted on 06 Jun 2021