Low Sugar Flavored Cakes

Bob the Baker Boy is Singapore's leading healthy customised cakes specialist. We pride ourselves in using soft and moist chiffon cake layers, and we are lower in sugar than regular customised cakes. Our cakes are diabetic friendly - Guests with diabetes may enjoy our cakes in moderation.

Low Sugar Flavors
Customised cakes by colour in Singapore
Customised cakes in Singapore

Customised Cakes

We design unique cakes for various occasions, such as baby shower cakes, 1st birthday cakes, 21st birthday cakes and longevity cakes (shou tao cakes). You can even convert most of our cake designs to a money pulling cake! If you need a customised cake or made-to-order cake, drop us an enquiry via "Customise A Cake" below.

Customise A Cake

Past Cake Designs

Some examples of our past designs range from rainbow and unicorn cakes, to floral cakes, beer cakes and 3D kids birthday cakes! Shop online now for hundreds of cake designs!

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Various customised cake designs in singapore
Island-wide Delivery Services for cakes in Singapore

Island-wide Delivery Services in Singapore

Enjoy island-wide delivery services in Singapore! You can now order your dream cake online and opt for cake delivery service or self-collect option from our store. For orders with less than 5 days lead time, please contact us at +65 8862 3327 or +65 9021 8370. We will inform you if there are available slots for you, so you can proceed to order online.

People BTBB

  • Customised a birthday for baby first birthday. Communication was easy and prompt. The design was beautifully put together! We've order Belgian chocolate, less sweet and that's the most tasty chocolate cake ever! 😋 Baby loved the pacifier fondant. We requested delivery a day before birthday celebration and delivery was on time. It was hassle free, overall great customer experience! We will definitely come back again and try other flavour!

  • The customized cake was not only the most beautifully and artistically styled piece of art, but inside was also the most delicious, moist and spongy Belgian chocolate cake we have ever had. Our guests all raved about how heavenly the cake was with the lower sugar content and no fondant used on the exterior 😄. Thank you Carlyn for the meticulous coordination and consultation with us, and the Baker boy(s) for executing it to perfection. We will be back!

  • We ordered a Belgium chocolate cake online from Bob the baker boy for a birthday celebration. The quality of the cake was too good. Also the delivery of the cake was smooth and prompt. Highly recommended! Kudos to you guys, we loved your cake!

  • Hey guys. The cake is really good!!! I would recommend to my family and friends if they want to order any cakes!!! My dad had a pleasant surprise too! You guys did a great job! Thank you so much for the hard work. 👍👍👍😬😬😬 They have very very good service too! Thousand percent recommend!!!

  • Great response & service from ordering to delivery. Eventually a great cake that the family enjoyed alot. Made the 21st birthday boy a happy one. Was initially worried that the money pulling would be too cheesy but we totally enjoyed the surprise. Thank you guys and well done. Not the cheapest but worth it.

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