Looking for a patisserie that bakes fresh pastries for your event?

Order pastry assortments for your event today! They come in mini bites and an assortment of flavours. We bake everything in small batches, from scratch… think fresh low sugar macarons, buttery cupcakes, and caramelly cookies. Did I hear someone say mini tarts and fudgy brownies?

Save 10% on pastries when you purchase it with a customised cake for your party!

Take your party to the next picture-perfect level with dessert tables - No need to do anything, just show up and have a great time!

Cake Flavor
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Molten Lava Cookie Bag
from $20.00
Mini Tarts (12pcs)
from $22.00
Rustic Assorted Mini Pastry Box
Sale $25.90 from $23.90
Au Naturel Brownies (20pcs)
from $28.00
Mini Cupcakes (24pcs)
from $38.00
Original 55% Chocolate Cookies
from $9.90
French Macarons (12pcs)
from $24.00
Lactation Cookies
from $9.90
Cupcakes Dozen
from $38.00
Au Naturel Brownies Pastry Box (4pcs)
from $7.90
Nutella Lava Brownie
Sale $20.00 from $18.00
Brûlée Cheese Tarts (12pcs)
Sale $25.00 from $22.90
Gift Card
from $1.00
Mini Cupcakes with Gold Leaves
from $44.00
Alphabet Cupcake (1 pc)
from $5.50
French Macarons - Gold Leaves (12 pcs)
from $30.00
Piped Floral Cupcakes Dozen
from $93.00
Jungle Animal Cupcakes
from $260.00
Mermaid Cupcakes (Dozen)
from $118.00
Dinosaur Cupcakes (Dozen)
from $103.00
Edible Printed Cupcakes (Dozen)
from $93.00
Unicorn Cupcakes (Dozen)
from $103.00
Excavator Cupcakes (Dozen)
from $103.00
Rainbow Cupcakes (Dozen)
from $73.00
Winter Wonderland Cupcakes (Dozen)
from $73.00