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What is the best cake size for my party?

What is the best cake size for my party?

Hi cake lovers! Planning a party and not sure what size of birthday cake to order? Don't worry, we’ve got you covered! Let's figure out how to pick the best cake size for your party, so you can impress your guests without spending too much or having too much leftover cake.

Remember when we used to order birthday cakes by the kilo? It was so simple: 0.5kg for a small household, 1kg for a bigger family, and 3kg for a big party. But now, birthday cakes come in inches and tiers, and it can be confusing. Moms especially feel the pressure—order too small, and there's not enough cake, which can be embarrassing. Order a birthday cakes that is too big, and you might waste cakes and spend too much.

To help you out, here’s a handy birthday cake size guide. Most cake shops, including ours, use inches to measure cakes now. Birthday Cakes are measured by their diameter and the number of layers or tiers they have. This can be confusing because each shop stacks their cakes differently. Some do two layers, others three, four, or even five! So, using weight isn't always accurate—one shop’s 1kg cake might be another shop’s 0.8kg, depending on how dense or light their cake is.

Here’s a quick guide to help you choose:

•   Small Party (8-10 people): A 6-inch birthday cake is usually perfect.

Among Us Celebration Cake

•   Medium Party (15-20 people): An 8-inch birthday cake will do the trick.

Under the Sea Mama Shark Cake

• Large Party (25-30 people): Go for a 10-inch birthday cake.

Under the Sea Ariel Birthday Cake

•.  Huge Party (50+ people): You might need a 12-inch birthday cake or even a tiered cake.

Pastel Rainbow Sumikko Gurashi Cake

Photos: The birthday cakes are often the star of your party photos. If it's too small, it might look a bit sad. A bigger birthday cake will stand out and make your photos look amazing.

Budget: Be smart with your money. If you want a fancy birthday cake but don’t want to spend too much, get a smaller, custom-designed birthday cakes for display and some classic cakes to serve the rest of your guests. Plus, you can have different flavors—yum!

Design: The design you pick matters a lot. If you choose a slim, tall birthday cake and make it bigger, it might not look as good. For example, if you picked a 6-inch cake and want to make it a 10-inch, make sure your cake shop adds bigger decorations, so the cake doesn’t look too plain.

Final Tips!

  • Check with your cake shop for their size chart and stacking style.

  • Communicate clearly about what you want, especially if you’re changing the size of a design.

  • Think about how dense the cake is—lighter cakes can feed more people than dense ones.

Now that you know how to pick the perfect cake size, go ahead and order the perfect cake for your party. Happy celebrating, and may your cake be the highlight of your event!

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Posted on 20 Jun 2024