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Low Sugar Cakes

Bob the Baker Boy is Singapore's leading healthy customised cakes specialist. We pride ourselves in using soft and moist chiffon cake layers, and we are lower in sugar than regular customised cakes. Our cakes are diabetic friendly.

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Island-wide cake delivery in Singapore! Order online, choose delivery or self-collection. Contact us for rush orders. Check available slots before ordering. Enjoy our convenient service!

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Frequently Asked Questions


We use Halal certified ingredients, no pork or lard and have Muslim employees, but we are yet to be Halal certified.

We generally do not use alcohol in any of our cakes, unless the cake calls for gold painting, or alcohol bottle as decor (we will throw the alcohol in the bottle away).

If the place you’re ordering requires the cakes to be halal certified, what we can do is to provide a list of ingredients we use - if that helps!

Unfortunately, it does seem like some of our ingredients do come from factories that also contain or prepares nuts, hence there might be a chance of cross contamination.

Therefore, we do not recommend the having our bakes if an allergic reaction may be caused, for the consumer's safety.

We hope that this helps and deeply apologise for any trouble caused.

Storage and Delivery

If you need it in a narrower time range, we can deliver in a 1 hour frame between 9-6pm at an additional $35!

For any failed delivery, we will contact the receiver to see if we can make other arrangements, eg. leave with guard or neighbour. If all else fails, we will make arrangements to do a second delivery attempt at additional $15.00, or arrange for self collection.

Our complete address:

Level 1 reception, 218 Pandan Loop, Xpace, Singapore 128408
Opening hours: 10am - 5pm, Daily

Order and Cancellation

In the unlikely event of cancellation, we'll do our best to see what we can do to help your situation. But as with all cancellation policies, here's our take:

  • As long as we have not started any preparation on your order (1 week or more to delivery date) - We'll refund 100% store credits with no expiry OR can do a 90% cash refund (the 10% is charged on our merchant's end)
  • If we have started some preparation (3 days - 1 week to delivery date) - We'll refund 70% store credits with no expiry.
  • If we are already in progress for your cake ( 3 days or less) - Our policy says 100% cancellation charge // no refund, but we'll do our best to help you given whatever situation, as we know it's likely due to unforeseen circumstances.

For any cancellation enquiries, please whatsapp us at 6588623327

For designer cake orders, people usually order 2 weeks to a month in advance. We recommend giving us at the very least 1 week’s time, but if you have less than that, let us know and we’ll see how we can help!

Standard cake orders usually require a much shorter turn-around time (eg, 2 days). We can even do same-day deliveries*!

Oh dear, we’re so sorry to hear this! Please reach out to our friendly customer success team and we’ll get to you shortly. We reply fastest over WhatsApp, and we typically reply within maximum 1 hour.


Structure is vital in tiered cakes, as they are heavier and require support, or they may not be able to hold. Do remove the structural items in the cake before consumption. They are food safe but not edible.

We do not make fondant cakes for the following reasons:

Our recipes have been engineered to be light and moist, and it may not be able to support the structure of the heavy fondant. Fondant is essentially sugar, and it has to be kept in an air-conditioned room at all times. Coming into contact with refrigeration or Singapore’s humid weather will cause it to melt or become shiny/sticky.

e only use low sugar buttercream with our cakes and they are 50% lower in sugar than regular customized cakes. Decorations will be made with fondant or toys, depending on the design.

Our cakes contain dairy, butter, and eggs. Some toddlers may have allergies to them and react with rashes. We recommend our cakes for children 2 years and above!

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Celebrate with Cakes!

There's a time and place for cake, and we all know that. But sometimes, there are special occasions that just call for cake.


1. Birthdays

One of the most popular occasions that serve cake is birthdays. A birthday cake is often decorated with the person's name and age, and may be decorated with other symbols that represent the person's interests. Birthday cakes are typically made from vanilla or chocolate cake, and are often topped with buttercream frosting.

2. Weddings

Weddings are another occasion that often serve cake. Wedding cakes are typically much larger and more elaborate than birthday cakes, and are often multi-tiered. The top tier of a wedding cake is traditionally saved for the bride and groom to share on their first anniversary. Wedding cakes are typically made from white cake, and are often adorned with flowers or other decorations that match the wedding theme.

3. Anniversaries

Anniversaries are another occasion that is often celebrated with cake. An anniversary cake may be similar to a birthday cake or a wedding cake, depending on the number of years being celebrated. For example, a 25th anniversary cake may be decorated with silver motifs, while a 50th anniversary cake may be decorated with gold accents.

4. Baby Showers

Baby showers are another occasion that serve cake. Baby shower cakes are typically decorated with baby items such as bottles, pacifiers, or strollers. Baby shower cakes are typically made from vanilla or chocolate cake, and are often topped with pink or blue frosting to match the gender of the baby.

5. Retirement Parties

Retirement parties are another occasion that may serve cake. A retirement party cake may be decorated with symbols of the person's hobbies or interests, or may simply be decorated with a message wishing the retiree well in their retirement years. Retirement party cakes are typically made from vanilla or chocolate cake, and are often topped with frosting or icing.

6. Graduation Parties

Graduation parties are another occasion that may serve cake. A graduation party cake may be decorated with the graduate's school colors, or may simply be decorated with a message congratulating the graduate on their accomplishment. There are many more occasions that call for cakes, and we at Bob The Baker Boy are more than happy to celebrate these special moments with you!

Enjoy Free Island-wide & Same-day Cake Delivery in Singapore

We provide island-wide online cake delivery. When you spend $150 and up, delivery is free!

Place an online order with us today and treat yourself to the best cakes in Singapore. Think fresh customized cakes delivered straight to your doorstep!

Bake A Million People Happy with Birthday Cakes in Singapore

We take pride in always aiming to bake a million people happy with our gourmet cakes! Don’t special occasions call for special masterpieces? Cakes for birthday celebrations, wedding cakes, longevity cakes - we've got them all.

The bakes in our cake shop are also less sweet. They appease your Asian sweet tooth – perfect for kids and elderly alike!

We have 8 winning cake flavours - you'll definitely find something you'll love! Whether you’re looking for a good old chocolate fudge cake (Signature 55% Belgian Chocolate Cake), our rendition of (the Signature Pandan Ondeh Ondeh Cake) or a Cookies and Cream Overload Cake), you can count on our team of pastry chefs to curate a treat that's a little unique, just like you!

Looking for french pastries and sweet treats? We have cupcakes and pastries too! These little morsels of joy are perfect on your dessert tables. Make it a luxurious afternoon tea break with our tea cakes! We use halal certified ingredients as much as possible. Apart from our macarons, our bakes are generally nut-free. Going gluten free? Our macarons will be the perfect choice for your tea break!

Place an Order Online with Us Today!

If you already know what you’re looking for, place your cake order online hassle-free! Let us inspire you with over 20 categories of pre-designed cakes! Think wacky beer-themed cakes and mystical unicorn bakes with rainbow cake layers. If you’d like, you can customise it with different colours, more tiers or even opt for larger sizes!

Looking for surprise cakes? Money pulling cakes and gender reveal cakes have taken the world by storm. We’re a proud curator of these innovative designs. Order our cakes online, hassle-free, on our website!

Design Your Own Cake

Are you searching for a fully customised cake? If you already have a design in mind, fill out a quick form here. Our friendly customer success team will contact you via email after. When it boils down to curating the best cakes for our lovely customers, we can do almost anything! Customised birthday cakes takes a little more time, so do order at least 5 days in advance!

We typically reply within an hour. We also offer the best prices for quality in town! Read here and here about our quality of cakes for more information.