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5 Craziest Gender Reveal Ideas in Singapore

5 Craziest Gender Reveal Ideas in Singapore

Gender reveal parties have been an up-and-coming trend for the longest time ever. This owes to the fact that people have not stopped coming up with new and exciting ways to reveal a baby’s gender! The word baby just gets every grandparent so excited! If you’re looking for a unique idea for a big reveal party, you’re at the right place.

From gender reveal cakes to baby shower games, these ideas are definitely going to keep your guests entertained for the night! It’s not just about the suspense in the room, it’s also about how well you package it. Keep your eyes peeled for ingenious ideas and you might just find a perfect idea for a gender reveal party of your own!

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  1. Gender Reveal Games

A simple yet extremely fun way of conducting a gender reveal party game revolves around clothing! Set a dress code for your gender reveal party and have your guests dress in pink or blue according to what they predict the gender of the baby will be. A fun guessing game!

Another fun game to play is to wrap a pink or blue baby’s outfit in many layers of gift wrapping. Similar to the game musical chair, play some music as guests pass the gift, stopping the music every so often. When the music stops, the guest holding the package unwraps one layer. Eventually, the gender of the baby will be revealed!

To make these games even more entertaining, entice your guests with the chance of winning a prize for guessing the gender right! This is a great way to induce some healthy competition and have your guests guessing for prizes, in the name of fun.

Credits: Bearloon.sg

  1. Gender Reveal Balloons

Incorporating the use of gender reveal balloons is another fun way of revealing a gender. To get things started, simply fill opaque black balloons with pink or blue confetti!

Once it’s time for the great reveal, simply pop the balloons and await the memorable reactions of your guests when the pink or blue confetti reveals themselves!

Alternatively, you could pack a handful of pink or blue helium balloons in a gigantic box. Then, as you open the lid, the balloons will float out to reveal your baby's gender. Simple, economical and fuss-free!

Credits: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/10836855341471832/

  1. Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs

For a theatrical take on this idea, have your guests gather around you in an open outdoor space. Have someone trigger a smoke bomb in pink or blue, and you’ve got a reveal that’s picture-ready!

This popular gender reveal idea has proven to be a winner time and again, and it’s certainly a fun way to hype up your family and friends!

  1. Gender Reveal Cakes

What’s a gender reveal party without a cake, right? Delight your party guests by preparing a cake that has a pink or blue filling. Upon slicing up the cake, your guests will finally find out your baby’s gender!

Alternatively, gender reveal cupcakes with a pink or blue filling gets the job done as well! Besides, cupcakes are easier to bake and will reveal your baby’s gender with the first bite. What’s better than a wholesome gender reveal party? A wholesome gender reveal party with delicious bakes, of course!

  1. Gender Reveal Pulling Cakes

This one’s great for guests in your party! Have them take sides on what your baby’s sex. Make it a fierce competition! 

Parents of the baby will start pulling the papers out in pink and blue…. Until the final few notes when it gets to a continuous colour with inscription “IT’S A BOY” or “IT’S A GIRL”, the gender is revealed!


With all these ideas, we hope you’ve found one that’s to your liking! Furthermore, if you’re keen on getting your hands on the best gender reveal cakes in Singapore, we can help!

Similarly, if you’re an absolute perfectionist when it comes to quality pastries, we serve up the best gender reveal cupcakes in Singapore as well! 

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Posted on 25 Aug 2021