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Dinosaur Birthday Cake Designs for Jurassic Lovers!

Dinosaur Birthday Cake Designs for Jurassic Lovers!

Bob the Baker Boy’s Dinosaur Cakes are often spotted at birthday parties of baby boys!


Our Dinosaur cakes commonly serve as full month cakes, otherwise known as full moon cakes, as well as 1st birthday cakes for boys - and it’s not difficult to see why! Our Dinosaur designs are diverse, ensuring that there’s always a design meant for every handsome boy… or girl, whether it be a baby’s full month party, or a celebration for young pre-teens!

From cartoon-like to realistic Dinosaur designs, our cake shop caters to a wide spectrum of Dinosaur lovers alike. Also, who said dinosaurs were only for kids? We’re proud curators of cutesy to ferocious dinosaurs, or even dinosaurs on a lava-spewing volcano cake that produces "smoke"!

The sky’s the limit here at Bob the Baker Boy. Some of our more interactive dinosaur cakes even include dino toy toppers that your kids can detach to play with afterwards - talk about leaving on a good note!

Say goodbye to fondant cakes - our icing room specialises exclusively in low-sugar buttercream cakes. Our cakes are not so sweet, making it perfect for your precious little ones and your guests to enjoy without feeling overwhelmed.

Finding yourself having to choose between cakes or cupcakes? We have them both! What’s even better is that we stick to Halal Certified ingredients as far as possible.

Our Dinosaur Cakes are favourites for boys aged between 2 to 10 years old, so if you’re planning for your kid’s 2nd birthday soon, for instance, don’t forget to look our way! Let us help you create the sweetest moments possible for those who truly matter. Surprise your little ones with a Dinosaur Cake curated by Bob the Baker Boy!

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