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No kid’s party is complete without a showstopping cake! To help you with your little one’s birthday celebration, we have curated hundreds of designs that are most popular amongst children. Count on us when we say we know what is trending!

From the rugged cars cake, all the way to colourful mermaid cakes, rainbow unicorn cakes and gorgeous princesses cakes - they’re so cute, you may even order one of these for yourself!

All our cakes are tailored to the asian palate; We are 50% lower in sugar than regular cakes - that makes our cakes healthier, softer and kid-friendly!

Take your party to the next picture-perfect level with dessert tables - No need to do anything, just show up and have a great time!

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Boy on Puppy Cake in Navy Blue Ombre
from $208.00
Blue Ombre Cake with Puppy
from $148.00
Puppy Cake on Tree Stump
from $168.00
Puppy Cake with Balloons, Flora and Clouds
from $168.00
Man's Best Friend Cake
from $178.00
Puppy Cake with Paw Prints
from $158.00
Party Puppies Cake
from $228.00
Little Puppy 3D Cake
from $168.00
Three Little Puppies Cake
from $278.00
Pug Cake
from $158.00