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Best Kids Birthday Cake Delivery in Singapore

Best Kids Birthday Cake Delivery in Singapore

Looking for the perfect children birthday cake designs for your little one in Singapore? Bob the Baker Boy specialises in thematic birthday cakes in Singapore. We have a variety of cake options perfect for a little one’s birthday party. Our themed cakes range from construction-themed for a boy’s birthday party, all the way to unicorn cakes, rainbow cakes and mermaid-themed customised cakes for a girl’s birthday party. We even have unisex birthday cakes for kids parties - think animal cakes with 3D fondant figurines. Our cake artists are highly trained to make cakes from rustic themed to cute tiered cakes.


Rest assured, we do cake deliveries in Singapore too! Some say we’re the best cake shop. Looking for other themed cakes like corporate cakes and wedding cakes instead? Shop your customized cake with us today!

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If you've been in the loop on our amazing cakes, then you’d know that the sky’s the limit here at Bob the Baker Boy!

With our extensive range of cake designs, there’s sure to be one that suits your needs, whether it be for baby full month cakes or for 1st birthday cakes!


Celebrate this sweetest moment with thematic birthday parties! High popular birthday party themes include dinosaurs, vehicles, princesses, mermaids and unicorns.

For instance, a dinosaur themed cake such as our Long Long Ago Cute Dinosaur Cake often finds itself in birthday parties of our stunning little lads. On the other hand, a mermaid themed cake like our Tiffany Blue Magical Mermaid Cake is a hot favourite amongst our little princesses!

Whether you’re in need of a simple and elegant full month cake, or a full-blown and fully customised 1st birthday cake, we’ve got it all. If you're looking to crank it up a notch, our 3D Cakes will definitely bring amusement and excitement to your birthday party!

Some of our popular 3D Cake designs include our Little Furry Puppy 3D Cake in Ivory and 3D Cute Baby Shark Shaped Cake. The intricacy and realism of our 3D designs almost makes you guilty for slicing that cake up!

Apart from conventional cakes, you’d be in for a good surprise to find out that we’ve got a wide range of 1st birthday customised cupcakes. With popular picks such as our Prehistoric Dinosaur Cupcakes and Mystical Mermaid Cupcakes, the little ones can also enjoy their very own Bob the Baker Boy goodness with these cute and attractive designs that are sure to stand out in a birthday party!

Here at Bob the Baker Boy, our passionate and talented pastry chefs take pride in curating every single order to perfection, because we believe that love is the best ingredient. Furthermore, our elite cake decorating skills enable us to curate unthinkable cake designs with pristine results! A 1st birthday celebration should be an occasion worth remembering for life, so let us assist you in making this moment count. Treat your little ones to the highest-rated bakes in Singapore today!

Note: We do not recommend smashing cakes on babies. They are likely allergic to dairy and food coloring, and may develop a rash!

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