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Best Mahjong Cakes in Singapore

Best Mahjong Cakes in Singapore

Know a mahjong lover that can’t go a week without playing rounds of mahjong? We have the perfect mahjong cake for them! Mahjong themed cakes knows no age - These customised cake designs are great from ages 18 years old to 60th, 70th and 80th longevity birthdays. When you’re in need of a mahjong cake, look no further because we have curated the top mahjong cake designs to give the birthday star abundance of luck and blessings!


Here at Bob the Baker Boy, age is just a number and our cake designs are simply limitless. Think money pulling cakes and whimsical mahjong cakes Singapore loves! Our designs feature edible mahjong tiles, gold coins and mahjong dices to name a few.

We keep them lower in sugar, because we know you don’t want the cakes too sweet. We have a variety of cake flavours from chocolate, vanilla to salted caramel! Want something fully customised for that special someone? Click here to tell us more about your dream customised cake and our team of artisans will make magic happen for you!

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