Best Longevity Cakes for the Dearest People in Life

Longevity Cakes in Singapore are commonly known as Shou Tao Cakes. Whether you’re in need of a 60th birthday cake, a birthday cake for 70th birthdays or even for 100th birthdays, look no further because we have curated over a hundred of longevity cake designs to give the birthday star abundance of longevity blessings!

Here at Bob the Baker Boy, age is just a number and our cake designs are simply limitless. Think money pulling cakes and whimsical mahjong cakes Singapore loves! We keep them lower in sugar, because we know the elderly don’t want the cakes too sweet. Want something fully customised for that special someone? Click here to tell us more about your dream customised cake and our team of artisans will make magic happen for you!

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Longevity Mahjong Cake with 7 Mahjong Tiles and Dice
Sale $158.00 from $138.00
Lucky FA Fortune Mahjong Mini Cake
from $59.90
Lucky Fortune Cat Prosperity Cake
from $168.00
Fa Cai Toto and 4D Lottery Cake
Sale $198.00 from $178.00
Longevity Mahjong Tiles and Gold Coins Cake
Sale $148.00 from $128.00
Deep Red Longevity Cake with 3 Mahjong Tiles  Request for lighter colors. Intense colors may stain
Sale $158.00 from $138.00
Lottery Ticket Longevity Cake with Mahjong Tiles
Sale $168.00 from $148.00
Longevity Mahjong Cake with 2 Mahjong Tiles
Sale $128.00 from $108.00
Mahjong Longevity Cake with Coins, Chips and Tiles
Sale $178.00 from $158.00
Longevity Mahjong Cake with Gold Coins and 13 Mahjong Tiles
from $158.00

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Age is not how old you are, but how many years of fun you’ve had. 70 birthdays are 70 years of fun! What better way is there to emphasise this than to indulge in our scrumptious and unique Longevity Cakes? Treat your loved ones to a well-deserved birthday celebration with our passion-filled and fun-inspired cakes!

At Bob the Baker Boy, we never run out of creativity! From our whimsical Lucky Winner's 4D Cake with Gold Splash to a more conservative Pastel Pink Longevity Cake with 1 Large Shou Tao, we’ve got cake designs that cater to every individual preference. One common factor though, is that all our cakes are lower in sugar, be it for Wedding Cakes or Longevity Cakes, so it’s perfect for the young and old alike!

If you’re a sucker for traditional Chinese art, a cake that’s going to get your attention is our 3D Chinese Wine Shaped Birthday Cake! This would probably be a familiar sight for the older generation, which makes it a perfect birthday cake idea for the elders! For instance, if you’re throwing a 70th birthday party for your loved one, look no further - add this to cart now!

We’re all aware of the effects of human ageing and the ageing process, and with the help of ageing research, we fully understand the significance of quality of life, and that’s exactly why we strongly believe in the concept of healthy ageing and human longevity!

Our pastries and sweet treats are 50% less in sugar to help curb the effects of excessive sugar! We also do this in order to attune our menu to appease Asian taste buds – so you wouldn’t have to worry about overly-sweetened flavours, which can be especially unappetising for the older generation!

On that note, if you really want to take your Longevity Cake to the next level, you’d be glad to know that the trendy money-pulling cakes have taken the world by storm and we’re a proud curator of these innovative designs, and yes, they too can be ordered online on our website!

At Bob the Baker Boy, any of our cakes can be tailored to become a money-pulling one, except for those under the Standard and Champagne categories. For more information on ordering and customising a money-pulling cake, feel free to visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) catered specifically for information on our money-pulling designs!

Alternatively, if you’re in need of a fully customised Longevity Cake, we’re at your service! All you have to do is fill out a quick form here and our friendly customer success team will contact you via email to collaborate with you. Be it the addition of birthday cake toppers, gold coins, mahjong tiles or alteration of cake sizes, when it boils down to curating the best cakes for our lovely customers, we can do practically anything!

Now that you know you can safely indulge in our artisanal bakes, what else is there to consider? Check out our category of Longevity Cakes today and treat your loved ones to delicacies from Singapore’s highest-rated bakery! They deserve the best and nothing less.

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