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Show Stopper Rainbow Cake Design in Singapore

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Rainbows symbolise peace, love and the sweetest moments - they’re common blessings given at birthday parties and baby showers alike.


Whether it be for a christening cake, baby’s full month cake, baby shower cake, baby girl’s first birthday cake, or young girls’ cakes, Bob the Baker Boy has a Rainbow Cake catered to every occasion!

Expect to see an explosion of colours if you’re looking for a 1st birthday cake for girls or 1st birthday cake for boys. We use food colors of the highest quality in our cake recipe. With some extra cake pans, our signature vanilla cake layers, powdered sugar and a little magic, we delight kids with a beautiful mix of red, orange, yellow, green and blue!

Our cake recipe is lower in sugar and contains no maple syrup in the cake mix - perfect for your precious little ones! We’ve got a wide range of Rainbow Cakes - from vibrant and colorful, to abstract and less literal - all while being equally scrumptious!

On that note, apart from our inventory of pre-designed Rainbow Cakes that feature pretty pastel and solid colours, you’re always welcome to try your hand at designing your very own Rainbow Cake! We’ve got a truckload of design options for you to choose from, including but not limited to the customisation of your cake’s respective layers to mimic the colours of a rainbow! Design your very own rainbow cake with us today!

Note: Fashionistas are hyping up the colours and symbolism of rainbows. This makes the rainbow a perfect theme for girls’ birthday cakes!

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