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Best Rainbow Unicorn Cakes in Singapore

Best Rainbow Unicorn Cakes in Singapore

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Be it a girl’s 1st birthday, baby’s full month or a christening cake, we’ve got the most intricately-designed Unicorn Cakes Singapore has to offer!


Vibrant colours, unique designs and pretty unicorns - it’s no wonder why our Unicorn Cakes have grown to be the go-to girls’ cakes! They’re also widely used as baby shower cakes for girls, first birthday cakes and full month cakes for babies. Our gorgeous cakes have brought us a long way over the years, and have created the sweetest moments for our customers. Think fondant unicorn cake toppers, rainbow layered cakes and funfetti sprinkles on top of the cake - we make the best unicorn birthday cakes in Singapore.

Our cake shop has a multitude of gorgeous Unicorn cakes to choose from, and they’re most apt for use as kids’ birthday cakes, specifically as a 1st birthday cake for girls. Let our mystical cakes bring magic to your birthday parties - we’re sure that it’ll be an unforgettable birthday for your little princess! Our time-tested cake recipes are lower in sugar, and the outer layer is just a thin layer of buttercream - perfect for your little one. We offer door-step cake delivery in Singapore, island wide, too!

Apart from birthday cakes, we’re also proud curators of Unicorn Cupcakes! Equally pretty and tasty, our Magical Unicorn Cupcakes come in a dozen and are popular picks for parties and corporate events alike. If a standard cake size is too much to stomach, then our cupcakes are just right for you!

Note: We do not recommend smashing cakes on babies with the Unicorn baby full month cake. They are likely allergic to dairy and food coloring, and may develop a rash!

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Celebrate with a Magical Unicorn Cake!

Every celebration calls for cake, but why settle for the same old boring designs? If you're looking to make your next special occasion truly extraordinary, then look no further than a magnificent unicorn cake! It's the perfect way to add some magic and sparkle to your event.

A Visual Delight

Our unicorn cakes are sure to get tongues wagging with their stunning visual appeal. From majestic horns and flowing manes to bold colors and eye-catching decorations, each cake is unique and sure to impress. You can personalize your unicorn cake with custom colors, flavors, and decorations that match the theme of your event. Whether you want an elegant design or something more whimsical, a unicorn cake will be sure to please everyone in attendance.

Tastes as Good as it Looks


Not only do our unicorn cakes look amazing, but they taste amazing too! Make sure you pick a professional baker who knows how to combine flavors and textures so that each bite is a delicious surprise. With flavors like vanilla bean, strawberry cream cheese frosting, lemon poppy seed drizzle and more, your guests won't be able to resist indulging in seconds (or thirds!).

The Perfect Centerpiece

A beautiful unicorn cake makes for an excellent centerpiece at any gathering. Its vibrant colors will draw people's attention from across the room, setting the tone for an unforgettable evening. Plus, it's the perfect conversation starter—just imagine all of the stories people will share about their favorite magical creature!

No matter what kind of celebration you're hosting, adding a stunningly delicious unicorn cake is sure to make it magical. With its beautiful visuals and delectable flavours, a unicorn cake is an easy way to bring some wonder into your life—and who doesn't want that? So go ahead and treat yourself (and your guests) by ordering one today here at Bob the Baker Boy!

Why Unicorn Cakes are Sought After

Unicorns may not be real, but they sure can make a celebration super magical! There’s something about the dreamy, pastel colors and mystical designs that make unicorn cakes irresistible. Plus, they look good enough to eat—literally! Here's why a unicorn cake is the perfect way to celebrate any occasion.

The Perfectly Instagrammable Cake

Let's face it—when it comes to special occasions, everyone wants their cake to look as good as it tastes. And what better way to do that than with a beautiful unicorn cake? The vibrant colors and whimsical decorations will surely wow your guests and make for some truly magical photos. It goes without saying that a unicorn-themed cake will add an extra layer of fun and excitement to any event.

Taste That Will Make You Believe in Magic

Aesthetics are important, but don't forget about taste; after all, you want your guests to enjoy their slice of cake! Fortunately, most bakeries offer an array of delicious flavors for unicorn cakes such as vanilla bean, chocolate fudge, or even rainbow sprinkle. You can customize the flavor according to your preference so that everyone gets exactly what they want.

Unicorn Cakes For All Occasions

Whether you're celebrating a birthday, anniversary or just having friends over for tea, there's always an opportunity to indulge in a lovely unicorn cake. Even if you’re not particularly fond of unicorns yourself, there is no denying the fact that these majestic creations make for an impressive centerpiece at any gathering. A beautifully decorated unicorn cake is sure to bring joy and happiness into your life!

Our unicorn cakes at Bob The Baker Boy are the ideal way to add some magic and whimsy into your special day. From its stunning visuals to its delectable flavors—there's no better way to show off your creativity while enjoying some delicious treats! So why wait? Get inspired by all of the colorful possibilities when it comes to choosing the ultimate unicorn cake design for your celebration!

1. Are all your unicorn cakes custom-made?

We have unicorn cake designs that you can check on our product catalogue. If you want a unicorn cake but don’t know what exactly you are looking for, then you can contact us immediately and share your ideas-we can help you customize your unicorn cake!

2. How far in advance should I order a unicorn cake?

If you have chosen a standard design from our product catalogue, then you can receive your cake within one day (or same day delivery, depending on your chosen delivery service option).

If you want a customised unicorn cake, you can place an order at least one week ahead so we can work on your specific design accordingly.

3. What is the size of your unicorn cakes?

Our unicorn cakes start at 6” round and can be as large as 10” round for single-tiers, while we can accommodate multiple-tier cakes depending on your choice. You can choose the size and tiers of your cake in our product pages.

4. Do you use fondant in your cakes?

Yes, for unicorn cakes. We use fondant when forming the letters, numerals, and opaque shape designs in the cake.

5. Can I request for a knife and candles for my cake?

All customised cakes, including our unicorn cakes, come with a disposable knife and 1 long gold candle. You may also request for other cake accessories at an additional cost.

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