Looking to get 10 or more gift boxes to your friends, families or colleagues? Whether you’re looking at a small sweet treat as your wedding door gift, colourful sweet pastries for your baby’s full month gifting, or an assortment of bite-sized pastries as a care package delivery in Singapore, we have all of that! We specialise in an array of artisanal bakes, packaged into pretty gift sets - for every budget and every sweetest moment in your life!

Gift Boxes

  • Under $10
  • Under $20
  • Under $30
  • Under $40
  • 2 x Classic Cupcakes ($9.90)
    4 x 55% Chocolate Brownie (2" by 1.5") ($8.90)
    2 x French Macarons ($6)
  • $14.90/box - 2 x Classic Cupcakes, 2 x 55% Chocolate Brownie (2" by 1.5")
  • 1 x Classic Cupcakes, 2 x 55% Chocolate Brownie (2" by 1.5"), 4 x Mini Tarts ($23.90)
    1 x Classic Cupcake, 2 x 55% Chocolate Brownie (2" by 1.5"), 4 x Mini Tarts , 3 x French Macarons($28.90)
  • 1 x Korean Bento Cake (39.90) - Slight customisation available


  • Cupcakes: Pick between Berry, Double Chocolate or Toffee & Chocolate
  • Mini Tarts: Pick between 2 flavours(or 1 if there are 2 mini tarts) from our seasonal assortment
  • Macarons: Pick between between Milk Chocolate or Cookies & Cream

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Gift Cards

With every gift in singapore or care package ideas, we know you’d love a little note that writes your message to the receiver.

Generic message
Customised message
Customised gift card


  • - Enjoy contactless doorstep delivery to your friends and families with your bulk buy. We offer delivery of your gift packs between 9am-630pm on the date you specified at $9/location.
  • - Delivering only to 1 location? You get free islandwide delivery on your specified 3 hour time range when your cart value is $150 and above!


  • Can you offer us a discount? We’re getting more than 30 boxes of care packs/150pcs of wedding favours!

    Surely we will be happy to send you a 10% off your care packs/wedding favors/door gift. Do contact +65-9499-4015 for more information!

  • I’m looking at Corporate Gifting/Baby Shower Packages in Singapore. The recipients are likely to stay home or working from home, but what if they are not home when you have arrived?

    Our usual practice is for your HR team to send us an excel list of NAME, CONTACT, ADDRESS. We will send a text message 2 days before to confirm the delivery address on the specified date. This helps to improve the number of successful deliveries. From our experience, the number of failed deliveries is 3% of the total number of deliveries, and we will absorb the cost at our end.

  • What other information do you need at our end for bulk buy gifting?

    Do provide us a point of contact, to ensure things run smoothly that day! It would also be helpful to agree on a rule - call POC upon failed delivery and return to shop, or hang outside door whenever possible?

  • Is your cake shop halal certified?

    We use halal certified ingredients, no pork or lard but we are yet to be halal certified. We can provide a list of ingredients we use in our gift boxes, if it helps.

  • Does your baby full month packages include traditional items like red eggs, swiss rolls, honey jar or baby full month cakes?

    We specialise in an array of artisanal bakes, packaged into pretty gift sets. For now, we do not do traditional pastries.

  • How about drinks? Can we include drinks in our packages?

    We get requests like packaging cold brew and milk tea with our care package in Singapore. For now, we do not have this option. We may look into that in future!

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