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There’s a reason why these Korean bento cakes are all the craze now. Korean cakes are trendy, extremely cute, and best of all - it doesn’t break the bank!

These romantic lunchbox cakes are mini cakes - 4" in diameter, approximately 2” tall and fit snugly in a bento box. This makes our korean inspired bento cakes perfect for serving 1 to 2 people, perfect for romantic and intimate celebrations with your significant other!

It’s probably the surge in minimalist aesthetics that gave rise to the popularity in these box cakes. They make great gifts. People like writing messages on it to their friends and sending them as a delicious surprise. And when they don’t indicate anything? We’ll write Saranghae~ Awwww.

We’re all aware of how intense a sugar craving can be, but there’s something even better. Get yourself a Korean lunchbox cake that’s both delicious and lusciously attractive, exclusively at Bob the Baker Boy! With different romantic cake designs and winning cake flavours, you’ll never find yourself running out of options with our K style cakes in a bento!

These lunchbox cakes serve 1 to 2 people. They are also available in fresh vanilla or bittersweet chocolate cake flavours - perfect for romantic and intimate celebrations with your significant other!


Feel free to pick from our delectable flavours Vanilla brown sugar boba milk, classic chocolate and savoury salted caramel. Apart from these best-selling classic flavours (chocolate, strawberry, salted caramel), we pack a punch with more adventurous ones such as our Signature Pandan Onden Ondeh flavour in our lunch box cakes!

Additionally, turn your dainty little Korean Bento Cake into a mini custom cake with cute writings! Simply indicate your preferred text and it’ll be written on the cake. This definitely comes in handy for birthday cakes. They are tiny - do keep a maximum of 5 words! Do we write messages in Korean? We’re game, and we hope the letterings aren’t too complicated!

On the other hand, if you don’t have a preferred text, simple heart shapes seem to always do the trick! Alternatively, you could simply leave the option empty and we’ll automatically input a classic ‘Saranghae’ on your Korean Bento Cake!

What’s better than receiving a pretty gift from your loved ones? An edible pretty gift, of course! That said, our Korean Bento Cakes are highly popular amongst those looking for presentable cakes meant for gifting!

Apart from that, our Korean Bento Cakes are also commonly enjoyed as casual cakes fit for a cosy Sunday afternoon at home. Also, if you’re looking to have a taste-test of our flavours before buying a full-blown cake, our Bento Cakes would be perfect to start off with!

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