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Customised 50 Years Old Birthday Cakes

Customised 50 Years Old Birthday Cakes

Looking for a special 50th birthday cake for a special someone turning 50 years?


50 years old is a major milestone for many, and we want to make celebrating middle age a great day for the happiest 50th birthday they can ever have! On this big day, we’ll make a bespoke birthday celebration cake befitting for your king or queen - from grandiose to funny 50th birthday cakes, show some birthday love to your 50 birthday angel! Get ready your birthday candles and party armour, it’s time to celebrate this very special day!

Need to write 50th birthday wishes / 50th birthday messages on a card? Request a special birthday card, we’ll help you wish that special someone a happy 50th birthday!

We carry these customised cakes in classic flavours like Belgian Chocolate and Japanese Strawberries Shortcake, or go adventurous with our Black Velvet and Cream Cheese and Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea Cake! Simply refrigerate and bring to room temperature 1 hour upon celebration.

Have a particular design in mind you want to fully customise? Ask for a 50th birthday quote or 50th cake ideas from our friendly customer success team here! We’ll be in touch very shortly!

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