money pulling cakes in Singapore

Order Money Pulling Cakes Online in Singapore

The Money Pulling Cake trend is taking the world by storm… Make your family celebrations even more entertaining by ordering one for your loved ones’ birthday!

Why buy from Bob the Baker Boy?

Healthier Choice

We use a light and moist cake recipe, same great taste!

Proprietary Method

A proprietary method of inserting money in cake that is hygienic, wastes the least cake, inserts maximum notes!


Cheapest money pulling feature add-on

Shortest lead time

Shortest lead time with 5 days from order to table!

Over 400 past designs

We have over 400 past designs for you to choose from to keep you inspired!

Above all of that, you get free delivery when you shop above $150 with us!

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how you make your order with us, online


You can choose ANY cake in our site to be converted to a money pulling cake, except for Standard Cakes and Champagne Cakes.


Select the cake you want, pick your preferred cake flavour and size, and click “YES” under the money pulling option. This add-on is priced at an additional $40.


Do note that this money pulling option is available for ALL sizes, except for 4”+6”, 5”+8” and three-tiered cakes.


Check out your cake and make payment.


Under the order confirmation page, you can select your denominations in Singapore Dollars $2, $10 and $50. Select accordingly, with a maximum of 25 pieces of notes.


If you are still undecided on the denominations at this point, simply skip the step. We will be in touch with you shortly after your purchase.

How do you pay the money pulling amount in the cake?

There are three ways you can go about it:

money pulling cakes in Singapore

You may pay us by PayLah! Or PayNow to
+65 9021 8370

money pulling cakes in Singapore

DBS Bank Transfer to


Pay us by cash in-store, at least 1 week before your celebration.

Other burning questions you may have!

  • How far in advance can I order?

    Our customers usually order 2 weeks to a month in advance. We recommend giving us at the very least 1 week’s time, but if you have less than that, let us know and we see how we can help! (Designs may be limited to choose from if we have less than 5 days to prepare for your celebration!)

  • Can I customise my own cake design for money pulling cake?

    Yes you may, simply click here and tell us more about your cake. Our friendly customer service team will be in touch with you shortly regarding your order!

    Customise A Cake
  • How does the celebrant pull money up?

    We will attach a cake topper to the string of notes within, and it looks like this. While the experience is exciting, please do ask the celebrant to pull gently upwards. Stand on a chair if needed!

    Do NOT pull the birthday topper backward, you may risk destroying the back of the cake or mechanism!

    Money Pulling Cakes Singapore
  • Are you using new notes? If not, can I pass my notes to you?

    No, we are not specifically using new notes. If you insist on new notes, do pass it to our shop at least 1 week before.

  • Do you do denominations out of $2, $10 and $50?

    We do not, unfortunately, or we will go crazy preparing the notes! If you need any denominations out of these three, do pass it to our shop at least 1 week before.

  • Can you do other currencies other than Singapore Dollar?

    We do not. Please pass them to our shop at least 1 week before.

  • Can I include pull outs other than money? Such as Toto/4D ticket, photos…

    We do not do these too, due to its unpredictable nature. We are afraid we might have to reject you on this!

  • Lastly, where’s your address to pass you the money?

    Here’s our full address: 18 Yishun Avenue 9 #02-19 (S)768897 Junction Nine Shopping Mall District: Yishun/Khatib

    Opening hours: 10am - 5pm (Hours may very on Tuesdays)

    *Please come on time because we close on the dot!

People BTBB

  • Customised a birthday for baby first birthday Communication was easy and prompt The design was beautifully put together Weve order Belgian chocolate less sweet and thats the most tasty chocolate cake ever Baby loved the pacifier fondant We requested delivery a day before birthday celebration and delivery was on time It was hassle free overall great customer experience We will definitely come back again and try other flavour

  • The customized cake was not only the most beautifully and artistically styled piece of art but inside was also the most delicious moist and spongy Belgian chocolate cake we have ever had Our guests all raved about how heavenly the cake was with the lower sugar content and no fondant used on the exterior Thank you Carlyn for the meticulous coordination and consultation with us and the Baker boys for executing it to perfection We will be back

  • We ordered a Belgium chocolate cake online from Bob the baker boy for a birthday celebration The quality of the cake was too good Also the delivery of the cake was smooth and prompt Highly recommended Kudos to you guys we loved your cake

  • Hey guys The cake is really good I would recommend to my family and friends if they want to order any cakes My dad had a pleasant surprise too You guys did a great job Thank you so much for the hard work They have very very good service too Thousand percent recommend

  • Great response & service from ordering to delivery Eventually a great cake that the family enjoyed alot Made the 21st birthday boy a happy one Was initially worried that the money pulling would be too cheesy but we totally enjoyed the surprise Thank you guys and well done Not the cheapest but worth it

  • Ordered a last minute floral cake and it was so awesome and delicious They even accommodate me with some changes And the cake was too gorgeous to even cut and eat It definitely made the birthday girl dayWill definitely order again and pass the word around GOOD JOB Cheers

  • Love the customised cake It was for our dads birthday It brought great joy seeing the happiness on his face when he pulled the money straight out from the cake The cake was delicious Amazing service from bob the baker boy Highly recommend

  • I got the strawberries and cream cake for my daughters first birthday Process of ordering the cake was quick and easy and even getting the design sorted was hassle free The cake itself looked beautiful and tasted absolutely divine I have never devoured a strawberry cake so quickly in my life much less one that is less sweet It tasted light yet was very satisfying and you could tell the strawberry puree was homemade Even my mum who never eats desserts finished a piece and gave it a thumbs up as well Will definitely order from Bob the Baker again I took one star off as I felt the buttercream wasnt as tasty as other cakes Ive ordered before but that could simply be due to the less sugar

  • I order a chocolate cake delivered to my home todayThe delivery was on time The shop created a whatapps chat prior to actual day delivery Very quick responseThe cake was amazing Very balanced Not sweet yet chocolaty tastySingapore

  • The strawberry cake and two bags of cookies I have ordered were very nice Most importantly their staff - Kai Ling is very nice and helpful with my order of some changes I had made I will definitely order again for next and other coming occasions Keep up the good work

  • Ordered a birthday cake with money pulling feature The cake arrived on time Super classy looking And money pulling feature was really fun Chose the strawberry and cream flavour and it wasnt too sweet taste of cake was well received The process on discussing about design of cake was done over WhatsApp and it was really easy and quick I also appreciate that they gave me caution on the intensity of the cake colour I chose and the possibility of staining clothes which reflects their open honest communication to ensure a well informed decision Thank you so much

  • Not my first time ordering from them Tried their new burnt cheesecake and it never disappoint Plus inside was oozy with cheese so it was even yummier Not too sweet just right for us and well-loved by everyone who ate it Really awesome Definitely will buy it again and perhaps try the cookie flavour

  • After seeing those droolworthy molten lava cookies on Instagram I decided to try them out and it did not disappoint me at all it was so good plus the delivery fee is affordable at 5 only I also intro to a friend who has sweet tooth and her whole family loves it their crunchy chocolate cookies is also really addictive almost finish the whole pack in a day will definitely order again to satisfy my cookie craving

  • Ordered a birthday cake Im simply love the cake and design The black velvet sponge cake is so moist and yummy BTW the staffs are friendly and very accommodatingGreat bakers and wonderful customer service Keep up the good job

  • I have ordered birthday cakes from them on multiple occasions The designs has always been on point based on our requests and impressive More importantly the cakes are always delicious kids-friendly for consumption Their pastries are amazing as well Personal favourite brownies soft and flavourful but not too sweet

  • Ordered a cake for my daughters 10 years old birthday This is the 1st time in my many years of ordering cake that we get a cake that looks good and taste good Usually the cake we ordered for children are super sweet almost inedible state But this cake is really very tasty soft and moist My whole family old and young alll love it Thank you very much And their service is excellent too

  • Customised a cake for my nephews birthday as well as some pastries The cake was wonderful and everyone was mentioning about how pretty it was and it was a pity to eat it the pastries as well as the cake tasted fantastic as well Will definitely be ordering from this shop in the future

  • Second Purchase of customise cake with Bob The Bakery Will recommend Honey Yuzu with Nata De Coco Flavour as the cake is less sweeter Definitely will purchase with them again

  • My family and i i absolutely loved the belgium chocolate cake we bought it was definitely lower in sugar with high quality chocolate Super delicious and we are thinking of ordering it again

  • Customized a Lego Theme birthday cake for my boy The cake was beautifully decorated and improvised with the use of Lego toys There was a playful touch with the lego decoration whereby it can spin My boy had a blast and said it was Amazing Thanks Bob the Baker

  • Took me a while to give my review I ordered my little girls birthday cake on April 12 this year during the lockdown The cake not only looks good they taste great Not too sweet and very moist Bob turns out to be a lady has been very accomodating in terms of customising the cake And very prompt in replying my messages Well done Bob

  • Twice my cakes were delivered on time on target And twice i have delighted my friends who were having their birthdays Cakes are VERY pretty and friends verified - yummilicious Excellent service n product

  • Bob TheBakerBoy completely surpassed my expectations and it was one of the best tasting cakes I have ever ordered They were so professional throughout the entire ordering process and even went out of their way to deliver my wifes birthday cake at the restaurant where we celebrated - will definitely order from them again as the cake work was gorgeous- thanks Bob TheBakerBoy for making my wifes birthday so memorable

  • Ordered a baby shark themed cake for my daughters 2nd birthday Its absolutely beautiful Cake is super moist and delicious we did not have high expectations in the beginning as usually fondant cakes are pretty but disappointing taste-wise We were pleasantly surprised Also ordered the cake last minute and they were able to accommodate the custom baked cake Thank you for making our daughters day

  • Professional and personalised service They have a whatsapp group and will respond quickly to your messages Friendly team who catered to my last minute change of flavor i clicked wrongly on the website The cake itself arrived right on time the earlier half of the time range and was delicious moist dense in a good way and full of flavor the decoration was full of colour and accuracy to the displayed model on the website Amazing and recommended experience

  • Smooth and efficient transaction over website On-time delivery despite the weather Always happy to see healthier choice lower sugar option for my family Perfect for children and elder folks Love the cake Size is just right Flavor is really good sweet and tangy We choose lemon strawberry and it is refreshing not too sweet not too bland The buttercream covering the cake is not too thick which we preferred as well Even the knife server and candle provided is modern and classy Wow Id definitely order a cake again Keep it up

  • Ordered my daughters custom 2-tier 21st birthday cake It was gorgeous and tasted wonderful Decadent Belgian chocolate - really hit the spot Please refer to the photo section Ive uploaded the lovely cake there Highly recommended Ive tried the Ondeh Ondeh my favourite and Salted Caramel as well Bobs doing a great job indeed

  • Nicely designed cake Very good service as well Highly recommended

  • Ordered a cake via the website easy and fast checkout process Delivery was on time Cake was very good the cookies and cream buttercream was light not too buttery and not too sweet I think its just right The chocolate sponge cake is delicious too Would order again

  • Am really impressed with the service and cake design I requested Their replies to my queries were promptly answered and the finish product exceeded my expectations Would definitely order from them again cheers

  • It was my first time ordering a customized money pull-out cake for my hubbys birthday I had done my research and decided to give it a try at Bob the Baker Boy It was definitely a right choice The service was prompt and excellent All queries were professionally answered The cake was beautifully made and nicely crafted The Belgian chocolate flavour as recommended was good not too sweet and well balanced My family enjoyed it It was a pleasant surprise and memorable experience Thanks

  • I ordered their standard cake very last minute but they were so kind help me to make it happen for my husbands birthday First time buying from them their signature Belgian chocolate cake is delicious Moist and rich and definitely not to sweet for you to taste the bitterness of the chocolate Love it

  • Black velvet flavor is to die for This was my second time ordering and I like how consistent the taste is The sponge is moist and not too sweet which balances the sweetness of the icing It remains soft even if you keep it for 4 to 5 days in the fridge although it is recommended to consume it within 3 days There are variety of designs to choose from thats why its perfect for every age and occasion The price maybe a bit expensive than normal cakes but this is definitely worth it

  • Amazing work done for the customised cake Ordered already 3 times with them because it not only looks good the taste is amazing too Very well enjoyed both young and old And to top it all - Great customer service from the team Thank you guys

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