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Trending Money Pullign Cake Design in Singapore

Trending Money Pullign Cake Design in Singapore

The Money Pulling Cake trend is taking the world by storm… Make your family celebrations even more entertaining by ordering one for your loved ones’ birthday!
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Why Buy from Bob The Baker Boy?

Healthier Choice

We use a light and moist cake recipe, same great taste!

Proprietary Method

A proprietary method of inserting money in cake that is hygienic, wastes the least cake, inserts maximum notes!


Cheapest money pulling feature add-on

Shortest Lead Time

Shortest lead time with 5 days from order to table!

Over 400 Past Designs

We have over 400 past designs for you to choose from to keep you inspired!
Above all of that, you get free delivery when you shop above $150 with us!

Here's a Step-by-Step Tutorial on
How You Make Your Order with Us, Online

You can choose ANY cake in our site to be converted to a money pulling cake, except for Standard Cakes and Champagne Cakes.
Select the cake you want, pick your preferred cake flavour and size, and click “YES” under the money pulling option. This add-on is priced at an additional $40.
Do note that this money pulling option is available for ALL sizes, except for 4”+6”, 4”+7”, 5”+8” and three-tiered cakes.
Check out your cake and make payment.
Under the order confirmation page, you can select your denominations in Singapore Dollars $2, $10 and $50. Select accordingly, with a maximum of 25 pieces of notes.
If you are still undecided on the denominations at this point, simply skip the step. We will be in touch with you shortly after your purchase.

How Do You Pay the Money Pulling Amount
in the Cake?

There are four ways you can go about it:
You may pay us by PayNow to +65 8382 2631
DBS bank transfer
DBS Bank Transfer to
pay us by cash
Pay us by cash in-store, at least 1 week before your celebration.
Other Burning Questions You May Have!

Our customers usually order 2 weeks to a month in advance. We recommend giving us at the very least 1 week’s time, but if you have less than that, let us know and we see how we can help! (Designs may be limited to choose from if we have less than 5 days to prepare for your celebration!)

Yes you may, simply click here and tell us more about your cake. Our friendly customer service team will be in touch with you shortly regarding your order!

We will attach a cake topper to the string of notes within, and it looks like this. While the experience is exciting, please do ask the celebrant to pull gently upwards. Stand on a chair if needed!

Do NOT pull the birthday topper backward, you may risk destroying the back of the cake or mechanism!

Money Pulling Cakes Singapore

No, we are not specifically using new notes. If you insist on new notes, do pass it to our shop at least 1 week before.

We do not, unfortunately, or we will go crazy preparing the notes! If you need any denominations out of these three, do pass it to our shop at least 1 week before.

We do not. Please pass them to our shop at least 1 week before.

We do not do these too, due to its unpredictable nature. We are afraid we might have to reject you on this!

Here’s our full address: Level 1 reception, 218 Pandan Loop, Xpace, Singapore 128408

Opening hours: Open from 10 - 5pm Daily, By Appointment Only

*Please come on time because we close on the dot!