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Simple Pleasures with the Best Classic Cakes in Singapore

Simple Pleasures with the Best Classic Cakes in Singapore

Looking for a cake shop for birthday cakes? We bake the best cakes in Singapore! We specialise in delicious fresh cream cakes, delivered to you.


We're cake experts when it comes to classic cake flavours, such as our Light Japanese Strawberry Shortcake (LINK to PRODUCT) and Signature 55% Belgian Chocolate Cake . They're hands down the most popular items of all time on our extensive menu of classic cakes!

We're no strangers to curating bold and adventurous flavours. Try our Signature Signature Pandan Ondeh Ondeh Cake and our Classic Milk Chocolate Cake Made in collaboration with KIT KAT®. We won’t be surprised if you tell us we make the best ondeh ondeh cake, and the best chocolate cake in Singapore - some say JB!

We offer cake delivery too! Click here on more information about our delivery service.

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Take A Gastronomic Trip to Japan

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, travelling has been made impossible. It’s sad news for travelholics like you and me - but all hope is not lost! One of the greatest pleasures in life is in seizing opportunities to explore the world’s delicacies. Well, with our highly sought-after Light Japanese Strawberry Shortcake, you might just be able to transport yourself back to Christmastime in snowy Hokkaido!

If there was a must-try from our menu of Classic Cakes, it has to be the good ol’ strawberry shortcake! Our moist and velvety vanilla layers when coupled with freshly cut American strawberries, are simply delicious. Furthermore, our use of fresh whipped cream ensures that our fluffy cake replicates the feeling of having clouds in your mouth!


The Best Chocolate Cake in Singapore

Although it might sound like a tall statement, believe us, these aren’t just our words! Our Signature 55% Belgian Chocolate Cake is often regarded as Singapore’s best chocolate cake. Read on to find out why!

Every retro-style chocolate gourmet cake slice is moist, light and accompanied with a hint of bitterness. This makes it perfectly balanced and simply captivating! The secret lies in our use of zero-added sugar and our 55% chocolate couverture, imported from Belgium. Most importantly, though, it’s the love and passion dedicated to each and every one of our bakes that makes them so straightforwardly scrumptious!

Chocolate is hands-down one of the most classic flavours to ever exist. Those earthy and nutty flavours with a hint of sweetness are enough to make a grown man slabber! Since chocolate is a definitive flavour, it’s essential that we do it flawlessly - and we certainly do!

It’s not a coincidence that our Signature 55% Belgian Chocolate Cake is highly sought after. It's extremely popular amongst our lovely customers! Craving for a light, moist and bittersweet chocolatey goodness? You can’t go wrong with our good ol’ trademark and forte - the Signature 55% Belgian Chocolate Cake.

Perfect for Any Event, Small or Big

If you’re a fan of oreo cakes with chunks of chopped oreos in them, you’d be ecstatic to hear this. We’re proud curators of the Cookies and Cream Overload Cake! With ultra-moist layers of chocolate and fresh cream cheese mixed with an abundance of crushed cookies, it’s simply addictive.

Looking for a simple salted caramel birthday cake? In need of customised cakes that are glamorous yet minimalist? We’re the cake shop to go to!

Of course, apart from classic bakes, we’re actively involved in coming up with new mind-blowing recipes and flavours. Stay connected with us to witness the boarding of more popular flavours! You might just come across the best Gula Melaka Cake and Fruit Cake Singapore has to offer!

Classic Techniques Make the Best Classic Cakes

Here at Bob the Baker Boy, we take things to the next level when it comes to producing quality bakes. For starters, we make sure our necessary ingredients are kept at room temperature. Also, we religiously ensure the accuracy of our measurements, even for our 1/2 cups. We don’t take chances when it boils down to promising our lovely customers nothing but the best!

We take pride in always ensuring our bakes taste absolutely magical and phenomenal - nothing less. What sets us apart is our stringent processes and roaring passion!

There’s no magic in magic, it’s all in the details. For instance, we use only the best top-quality cake pans and baking powder. Our premium powdered sugar and egg yolks ensure that our cake batter is simply unrivalled. This makes sure our peaks form effortlessly and beautifully!

When it comes to minor details such as using the right sizes of large bowls, we don’t cut corners! The quality of our parchment papers and the freshness of our dry ingredients are equally important! We never settle for anything less than perfect.

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