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Best Classic Cakes with Lower Calories and Less Sugar in Singapore

How Do You Choose a Birthday Cake?

Trying to pick the perfect birthday cake is harder than it seems. You want something that will be delicious, but you also want something that will show your loved ones how much you care. So, what's the best way to go about choosing a birthday cake?


1. Who’s celebrating?

When choosing a birthday cake, it is important to consider the personality of the celebrant. If they are a serious and reserved person, then a simple cake with minimal decorations may be best. However, if they are a fun and outgoing person, then a more elaborate cake with lots of decorations may be more appropriate.

2. How old is the birthday celebrant?

Another factor to consider when choosing a birthday cake is the age of the celebrant. A child or teenager may prefer a cake that is brightly colored and decorated with their favorite cartoon characters. An adult may prefer a more sophisticated cake, such as one that is decorated with fresh flowers.

3. Consider the Event's Theme

If the birthday party has a specific theme, then the cake should be chosen to match that theme. For example, if the party is based on a particular book or movie, then the cake could be decorated to look like something from that book or movie. If the party does not have a specific theme, then any type of cake can be chosen.

4. Consider Any Dietary Restrictions

When choosing a birthday cake, it is important to consider any dietary restrictions that may need to be accommodated. For example, if there are guests who are gluten-free or vegan, then there should be a cake that meets their needs. There are custom cakes that cater to different dietary restrictions, so it should not be difficult to find one that everyone can enjoy.

5. Get Creative with the Flavour

There are many different flavours of birthday cake to choose from, so it is important to get creative when choosing one for the guest of honor. Some popular flavours include chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and pandan ondeh ondeh. However, there are many other flavours that can be used as well, such as salted caramel and cookies and cream cake. It is also possible to combine two or more flavours together to create a unique flavour combination.

6. Choose a Meaningful Design

The design of the birthday cake should also be meaningful to the celebrant. For example, if they have a hobby or interest that they are passionate about, then the cake could be designed to reflect that hobby or interest. Alternatively, the design could be based on something that is significant in their life, such as their favorite animal or flower.

Popular Birthday Party Themes for People of All Ages

If you're looking for birthday party ideas, you're in luck. From classic to trendy, there are a number of great themes that will please people of all ages. Whether you're throwing a kid's party or an adult bash, we at Bob The Baker Boy got you covered. So, get ready to jump into the birthday party fun!

1. Superheroes

One popular birthday party theme for people of all ages is superheroes. Superheroes are popular with kids and adults alike, making this a great theme for a birthday party. There are a variety of ways to incorporate a superhero theme into a birthday party, from decor to games-and especially the cake!

2. Outer Space

Outer space is a popular choice for birthday parties, especially for older children or adults who are interested in astronomy or space travel. Guests can come dressed as their favorite space creature or astronaut, and there are plenty of games and activities that can be themed around outer space.

3. Pirates

Pirates are another popular birthday party theme for people of all ages. Pirates are often seen as exciting and adventurous, making them a great choice for a birthday party. A pirate-themed birthday party also appeals to both boys and girls, and even with adults who want to get into character in their celebration.

4. Under the Sea

Under the sea is a popular choice for birthday parties, especially for younger children or adults who love the ocean or marine life. Guests can come dressed as their favorite sea creature or mermaid, and there are plenty of games and activities that can be themed around under the sea.

5. Sports

Sports are always a popular choice for birthday parties, especially for kids. You can choose a particular sport or team to focus on, or just keep it general with games and activities that everyone will enjoy.

Sports-themed birthday parties also appeal to older adults, particularly when they are fans of a certain sport-such as basketball, soccer, billiards, or boxing. Some even hold their parties in a sports bar!

6. Casino

For the adults, a casino-themed birthday party can be a lot of fun. You can set up blackjack and poker tables, have some fun decorations, and serve drinks and food that fit the theme. Just make sure you don't gamble away all of your birthday money!

Complete your loved one’s birthday celebration with a cake that matches their chosen theme! Check out our selections here at Bob The Baker Boy – or go for a customised birthday cake to make it truly one-of-a-kind!

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We are not halal certified.

Unfortunately, it does seem like some of our ingredients do come from factories that also contain or prepares nuts, hence there might be a chance of cross contamination.

Therefore, we do not recommend the having our bakes if an allergic reaction may be caused, for the consumer's safety.

We hope that this helps and deeply apologise for any trouble caused.

All our cakes are made less sweet but our Signature 55% Belgian Chocolate Cake and Light Japanese Strawberry Shortcake flavours are the most suitable for diabetics as they have very little added refined sugar!

Check out our Classic Cupcakes, Customised Cupcakes and Mini Cupcakes collection here. Aren’t they perfect for gifting, or simply for breakfast?!

Mini, standard and customised cakes have different sizes and dimensions. Click here for a comprehensive size chart!

You can select 2 flavors as long as:

Your cake is a double tiered & 8” by 10” (5kg) or bigger.

If it is 6+8” (3kg) double tiered and smaller, you can select 1 flavour, or top up $15 for two flavours. The additional $ is to cover for wastage from small batch preparation. Single tier cakes are available with 1 flavour only. We seek your understanding on that!

If yours is a three tiered cake 4+6+8” and smaller, you can pick 2 flavours. Anything bigger and feel free to pick 3 flavours!

Here are our mini collection!

1) Mini cakes - Suitable for 2-4pax

2) Bento cakes - suitable for 1-2 pax (Standard/Korean)

They cannot be customised but we can accomodate slight color changes. Feel free to change the message above to your own and indicate under "notes".

The fastest way is to purchase it via the link over here:

Classic Bento Cakes

Korean Bento Cakes

Mini Cakes

The smallest customisable cake size for money pulling will be. 6 inch single tier (good for 6-10 pax)!

Do also take note that these few options are not available for money pulling due to structural issues:

  1. Standard Bakes
  2. Mini Cakes/Bento Cakes
  3. Crown cake
  4. Champagne cake
  5. 3D cakes
  6. Money bag cakes - need to be at least 7" and above.
  7. Double tiered cakes need to be at least 6+9 inch double tiered, 5 kg.

Our money pulling cakes is additional $40 for the mechanism and starts $158 for a 1kg cake (because of the additional work needed to install the money pulling mechanism - we do it such that very little cake is wasted)

For the denominations, simply mix and match your denominations amongst $2, $10 & $50 for a maximum of 25 notes and inform us. That will be paid separately from the cake!

Our photo printed cake are 6" (4-6 pax) $59.90, 8" (6-10 pax) $89.9, 10" (10-20 pax) $139.9

The fastest way to purchase photo printed cakes is here

Then attach an image you want to print on. As for resolution, if it looks sharp on your phone, it'll be good enough for printing. Just make sure it's cropped round!

If your photo needs editing before sending, you can either edit before purchase, or approach our team at +6588623327 (WhatsApp), we will help you with the photo editing at additional $30!

We for now do not carry vegan cakes or eggless cakes.

We however do have vegetarian cakes. Our vegetarian cake flavours contain egg and dairy. They do not contain gelatin or rennet.

Here are our vegetarian friendly flavours:

  • Sea Salt Salted Caramel
  • Cookies and Cream
  • Signature Pandan Ondeh Ondeh
  • Strawberry Lemon
  • Classic Milo Gao Siew Dai Chocolate

Let us know how else we can help!

If you have a theme cake or an image of a cake that you would like to replicate, please whatsapp our customer success team at +6588623327! We’ll provide you with cake suggestions over there and give you a non-obligatory quotation breakdown.

If you have a budget, we can even see how we can tailor make your cake to suit your needs.

Our team can make magic happen for you!

All eggs used in our cakes have been cooked thoroughly to 60 degrees to avoid the risk of salmonella contamination.

A one-time use birthday knife and one long gold candle will be provided with every cake delivery.

Good news! Our cakes are 30-50% lower in sugar than regular cakes, so you and your family (especially kids or diabetic patients) can enjoy them guilt-free when in moderation.

We do not offer cakes for tasting. However, you can purchase our Standard Bento Cakes (RSP $22.90) before deciding to purchase a full cake from us!

Yes, definitely! Fillings are in the middle, and the outer of the cake is coated with vanilla buttercream.

Structure is vital in tiered cakes, as they are heavier and require support, or they may not be able to hold. Do remove the structural items in the cake before consumption. They are food safe but not edible.

We do not make fondant cakes for the following reasons:

Our recipes have been engineered to be light and moist, and it may not be able to support the structure of the heavy fondant. Fondant is essentially sugar, and it has to be kept in an air-conditioned room at all times. Coming into contact with refrigeration or Singapore’s humid weather will cause it to melt or become shiny/sticky.

e only use low sugar buttercream with our cakes and they are 50% lower in sugar than regular customized cakes. Decorations will be made with fondant or toys, depending on the design.

For fondant figurines, it is best to store it in an air-tight container and avoid direct sunlight as it might cause colours to fade.

Fondant can be kept as long as it is well maintained and kept dry (no moisture).

We surely do! Check this link out!

We have various gifting options that will certainly match your budget. Our friendly customer success executives will help you with this, simply email [email protected] or Whatsapp +65-90218370!

What we will need is a csv./excel file of your recipient details and we’ll take the rest from there.

Our cakes contain dairy, butter, and eggs. Some toddlers may have allergies to them and react with rashes. We recommend our cakes for children 2 years and above!

Storage and Delivery

Upon checking out, you can choose the time slots 9am-1pm, 12pm-4pm, 3pm-6:30pm.

If you need it in a narrower time range, we can deliver in a 1 hour frame between 9-6pm at an additional $35

If your order falls below $150.00, there are a few options for you:

  1. Flexi Delivery - $9.90 (We will come anytime between 9-630pm)
  2. Regular Delivery - $15.00 (We will come between your preferred 3 hour range between 9am-6pm)
  3. Specific timing delivery (any 1 hour range between 9am to 6pm) - Flat rate $35

P.S. If your delivery address is to a hotel, chalet or office building, we send to the nearest car pick up/drop off area and our delivery person will call prior to delivery

For any failed delivery, we will contact the receiver to see if we can make other arrangements, eg. leave with guard or neighbour. If all else fails, we will make arrangements to do a second delivery attempt at additional $15.00, or arrange for self collection.

Our complete address:

Level 1 reception, 218 Pandan Loop, Xpace, Singapore 128408
Opening hours: 10am - 5pm, Daily

For fresh cream cakes, please store the cake in the refrigerator at all times. It should last out of the fridge for about 1 hour.

For buttercream cakes, please keep refrigerated whenever possible, but if not, it should last in an air-conditioned room for about 2-3 hours. Buttercream cakes taste best when thawed 30mins-1hour upon taking out of refrigeration.

Our cake tastes best within 48 hours from the receipt of your cake. We recommend all cakes to be stored in the chiller compartment of the refrigerator for a maximum of 2 days.

Depending on what you purchased, different cake sizes have different box dimensions. Please check with our friendly customer service if you’re worried about refrigeration space!

Cutting a cake doesn’t have to be intimidating or messy. We actually did a video on how to cut taller cakes/double-tiered cakes!

Here you go!

If you have fondant items or decor on your cake, you can remove it from the cake before cutting, that’ll make your job a lot easier!

All recommended pax serving are approximations only. The estimated serving size is 2-3” length by 1” width by 3.5-4” height.

If no one is present to collect the order at the time of delivery, we will call the number provided in the order and will wait for a maximum of 10 minutes. If no one is present to receive the cake at the time of delivery, the recipient will have the option of re-delivery (additional $35, subjected to availability) or self-collection up to 2 days after the original time of delivery. After 2 days, the cake will be disposed of. Refunds and exchanges are not available in such situations.

We highly encourage you to check the condition of the cake before acceptance. If the cake is damaged at the point of delivery, kindly contact the number stated in the site and we will make alternative arrangements for you. Whatever happens, do contact our friendly customer service and we’ll do our best to help you!

Order and Cancellation

In the unlikely event of cancellation, we'll do our best to see what we can do to help your situation. But as with all cancellation policies, here's our take:

  • As long as we have not started any preparation on your order (1 week or more to delivery date) - We'll refund 100% store credits with no expiry OR can do a 90% cash refund (the 10% is charged on our merchant's end)
  • If we have started some preparation (3 days - 1 week to delivery date) - We'll refund 70% store credits with no expiry.
  • If we are already in progress for your cake ( 3 days or less) - Our policy says 100% cancellation charge // no refund, but we'll do our best to help you given whatever situation, as we know it's likely due to unforeseen circumstances.

For any cancellation enquiries, please whatsapp us at 6588623327

For designer cake orders, people usually order 2 weeks to a month in advance. We recommend giving us at the very least 1 week’s time, but if you have less than that, let us know and we’ll see how we can help!

Standard cake orders usually require a much shorter turn-around time (eg, 2 days). We can even do same-day deliveries*!

Oh dear, we’re so sorry to hear this! Please reach out to our friendly customer success team and we’ll get to you shortly. We reply fastest over WhatsApp, and we typically reply within maximum 1 hour.

Looking for a cake shop for birthday cakes? We bake the best cakes in Singapore! We specialise in the best and freshest classic cakes that are not only delicious but also healthier options for your indulgence.


Indulge in our irresistible delights as we present you with a selection of the finest classic cakes in Singapore, specially crafted to be lower in calories and less sweet. Our expert bakers skillfully create these delectable treats using high-quality ingredients and innovative recipes that prioritize your health and well-being. Experience guilt-free pleasure as you savor every bite of our classic cakes, knowing that you're treating yourself to a healthier and delightful experience.

Chef Flavour Recommendations:
We're cake experts when it comes to classic cake flavours, such as our Lychee Rose Cake and Signature 55% Belgian Chocolate Cake. They're hands down the most popular items of all time on our extensive menu of classic cakes!

We're no strangers to curating bold and adventurous flavours. Try our Signature Signature Pandan Ondeh Ondeh Cake and our Classic Milk Chocolate Cake Made in collaboration with KIT KAT®. We won’t be surprised if you tell us we make the best ondeh ondeh cake, and the best chocolate cake in Singapore - some say JB!

Pss... Our recent favourite flavour is the Kaya Butter Cake!

Order now and indulge in these healthier delights!

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Take A Gastronomic Trip to Japan

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, travelling has been made impossible. It’s sad news for travelholics like you and me - but all hope is not lost! One of the greatest pleasures in life is in seizing opportunities to explore the world’s delicacies. Well, with our highly sought-after Strawberry Crumble Cakes, you might just be able to transport yourself back to Christmas time in snowy Hokkaido!

If there was a must-try from our menu of Classic Cakes, it has to be the good ol’ strawberry shortcake! Our moist and velvety vanilla layers when coupled with freshly cut American strawberries, are simply delicious. Furthermore, our use of fresh whipped cream ensures that our fluffy cake replicates the feeling of having clouds in your mouth!


The Best Chocolate Cake in Singapore

Although it might sound like a tall statement, believe us, these aren’t just our words! Our Signature 55% Belgian Chocolate Cake is often regarded as Singapore’s best chocolate cake. Read on to find out why!

Every retro-style chocolate gourmet cake slice is moist, light and accompanied with a hint of bitterness. This makes it perfectly balanced and simply captivating! The secret lies in our use of zero-added sugar and our 55% chocolate couverture, imported from Belgium. Most importantly, though, it’s the love and passion dedicated to each and every one of our bakes that makes them so straightforwardly scrumptious!

Chocolate is hands-down one of the most classic flavours to ever exist. Those earthy and nutty flavours with a hint of sweetness are enough to make a grown man slabber! Since chocolate is a definitive flavour, it’s essential that we do it flawlessly - and we certainly do!

It’s not a coincidence that our Signature 55% Belgian Chocolate Cake is highly sought after. It's extremely popular amongst our lovely customers! Craving for a light, moist and bittersweet chocolatey goodness? You can’t go wrong with our good ol’ trademark and forte - the Signature 55% Belgian Chocolate Cake.

Perfect for Any Event, Small or Big

If you’re a fan of oreo cakes with chunks of chopped oreos in them, you’d be ecstatic to hear this. We’re proud curators of the Cookies and Cream Overload Cake! With ultra-moist layers of chocolate and fresh cream cheese mixed with an abundance of crushed cookies, it’s simply addictive.

Looking for a simple salted caramel birthday cake? In need of customised cakes that are glamorous yet minimalist? We’re the cake shop to go to!

Of course, apart from classic bakes, we’re actively involved in coming up with new mind-blowing recipes and flavours. Stay connected with us to witness the boarding of more popular flavours! You might just come across the best Gula Melaka Cake and Fruit Cake Singapore has to offer!

Classic Techniques Make the Best Classic Cakes

Here at Bob the Baker Boy, we take things to the next level when it comes to producing quality bakes. For starters, we make sure our necessary ingredients are kept at room temperature. Also, we religiously ensure the accuracy of our measurements, even for our 1/2 cups. We don’t take chances when it boils down to promising our lovely customers nothing but the best!

We take pride in always ensuring our bakes taste absolutely magical and phenomenal - nothing less. What sets us apart is our stringent processes and roaring passion!

There’s no magic in magic, it’s all in the details. For instance, we use only the best top-quality cake pans and baking powder. Our premium powdered sugar and egg yolks ensure that our cake batter is simply unrivalled. This makes sure our peaks form effortlessly and beautifully!

When it comes to minor details such as using the right sizes of large bowls, we don’t cut corners! The quality of our parchment papers and the freshness of our dry ingredients are equally important! We never settle for anything less than perfect.

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