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The Ultimate Guide to Ordering a Birthday Cake Online

The Ultimate Guide to Ordering a Birthday Cake Online

The Ultimate Guide to Ordering a Birthday Cake Online

Ordering a birthday cake online is simple, but not easy for some. Over the years, our cake shop has streamlined the ordering process, so we can save you time and money. We make it easier for you to say Happy Birthday to your loved ones. And we help you plan the best birthday celebration of their lives.

Now, where do you start? From cake design to delivery, read these SIX top tips on cake ordering. That way, you’re well on your way to ordering your first birthday cake online!


1. Buttercream or Fondant Cake?

Ordering a cake online? Clarify if the cake shop is using fresh cream, buttercream or fondant to decorate their cake. Many off the shelf cakes use fresh cream for their simple cake decor. They are light, but not suitable for designer cakes. Your customised cake colour may bleed. If you’re displaying it out for a while, the chances of it melting is higher!

Fondant cakes are usually sweet. Made with a sugar-dough exterior, they are usually heavy and dense.

At Bob the Baker Boy, we specialise in buttercream cakes. It is lightweight and perfect for decorating. We made it 500% less sweet than regular American Buttercream. We use only the best European Lactic Butter. It holds out in air-conditioning for long, and works well with fondant decorations.

We shared our recipe for aspiring home-bakers and cake decorators. Check it out here!


2. A simple cake, or a full-fledged customised birthday cake?

This birthday cake is likely going to be the party centrepiece, and your best Instagram prop. Is it going to be a simple classic design, or a designer birthday cake?

We classified our pre-designed birthday cakes into various categories. You can now find cakes on our online site for any age and interest. We have stunning birthday cakes for kids. 3D drinkable bubble milk tea cakes for your best friend’s 30th birthday. Mind-blowing money pulling longevity cakes for your dad’s special 70th birthday.

And what’s a customised cake without a name? There are so many options you can add on to make it prominent. Check out some of our party accessories over here!


3. Pick your gourmet cake flavour!

Here’s where you get spoilt for choices. We carry the timeless dark chocolate cake everyone loves. For fruit cake lovers, we have our velvety soft Japanese Strawberries Shortcake. Go on an adventure with our Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate Cake. Be inspired by our Peranakan-style Ondeh Ondeh cake. We’re excited to hear your verdict.


4. Pair them with some sweet treats.

Cupcakes at the side? Or brownies to go along with? How about an array of assorted mini tarts? From our experience, twelve cupcakes to go is the most popular option. Guests get to bring individually packaged cupcakes back as a door gift.


5. Can my cake be delivered anywhere in Singapore?

If you’re getting a customised cake, the last thing you’d like is to collect it yourself and bring it on a 2 hour bus ride. If you have a car, put it at the foot area where it’s the most levelled, or bring someone along with you. Place it on their lap and have them hold on dearly to it. You’ll reach your party destination with the cake safe and sound!

Prefer it delivered? Check the rates, most bakeries deliver it $15 onwards.

At Bob the Baker Boy, we work with a close number of trusted food delivery drivers. Birthday cake delivery is our expertise. Each trip is $9.90, and to deliver it safely to you? That’s a steal.

You get free delivery when you spend above $150 with us! Ensure someone is available to collect at your stipulated 3 hour range time slot. Remember to check your cake, upon delivery!


6. Store your cake… and get ready to celebrate!

Most customised cakes are good to keep in air-conditioning for ~3 hours after delivery. I always recommend refrigerating it for best results. Take it out half an hour before celebration, so your cake is soft, moist and ready for Instagram!

So why take out half an hour? We use buttercream to decorate our cakes. Buttercream shares similar properties to butter. It is hard in fridge, and soft at room temperature. Taking it out in advance helps it to get back to its smooth creaminess.

Looking for birthday cakes in Singapore? Now go shop away!


Need more help? Speak to any of our friendly customer success representatives at +65-94994015/+65-88623327 (Whatsapp).

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Posted on 11 Jun 2021