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Wedding Cakes Singapore

Wedding Cakes Singapore

Customised Wedding Cakes in Singapore

Celebrate your special day with the perfect slice of happiness!

Embark on the sweetest journey of your life with a stunning, customised wedding cake crafted just for you!

From single-tier modern and chic ROM cakes to three-tiered white wedding cakes and everything in between, our photogenic bespoke cakes aim to further sweeten your wedding day.

A Brief Guide to Customising Your Dream Wedding Cake

Your wedding cake is more than just a dessert; it's a symbol of love, a centrepiece of your celebration, and a reflection of your journey together that you share with your wedding guests.

As you embark on the sweet adventure of customising your own wedding cake, consider it an opportunity to weave the sweetness of your love story into every layer, every flavour, and every exquisite detail.

2 x Classic Cupcakes
Begin by determining the overall style of your cake, which should complement the theme of your wedding, setting the tone for the design choices to follow.
4 x 55% Chocolate Brownie (2" by 2")
Envision your cake as a canvas, waiting to be painted with the hues of your special day. This could mean matching the colors of the bridal party's attire, the flowers, or the general decor.
2 x French Macarons
Your love story is in the details. Think about adding sugar flowers (or real flowers - baby's breath and roses are popular choices!), edible pearls, lace patterns, or macarons.
1 x Brownie
Choose a cake flavor that you love – this is your day! Be it the classic romance of vanilla, the rich whisper of chocolate, the playful zest of lemon, or an adventurous pick that's uniquely you – let your cake be as delicious as your love.
1 x Classic Cupcake
Think of fillings as the hidden melodies in your cake symphony. Harmonise or contrast them with your cake for an exciting taste experience.
1 x Classic Photo Cupcake
The number of tiers will depend on your guest count and the visual impact you want to create. Your cake's tiers are the pillars of your celebration: consider if you want a modest masterpiece of a towering show-stopper.
1 x Classic Photo Cupcake
On that note, if you’re looking for dessert tables or charming wedding favours to complement your cake, we’re delighted to assist! As a one-stop bakery, we aim to create a harmoniously and beautifully presented dessert experience that fulfils your wedding vision.

Make Moments Memorable with the Best Wedding Cakes Around

Established Experience

Boasting 8 years in the cake industry, our journey from a home-based operation to a successful brick-and-mortar and eCommerce dessert shop enriches us with invaluable experience and insights, making us experts in crafting the perfect celebration cakes for any occasion.

Versatile Delivery Options

Whether you need same-day delivery or prefer self-collection, our team ensures you get your delectable desserts on time and in shape. With competitive rates and a focus on convenience, we make receiving your dream cake as joyful as eating it.

Bespoke Flavours

Our extraordinary range is designed to delight every palate, from classic signatures like our 55% Belgian Chocolate Cake and Cookies and Cream, to cakes inspired by local flavours, like our Kaya Butter Cake and Lychee Rose Chiffon Cake.

Flexible Modifications

Need to change something on your customised cake? Not to worry, our team is willing to work with any reasonable demands, accommodating even last-minute requests on the delivery day. Your satisfaction with our customised cakes is our top priority.

In-house Delivery Riders

Enjoy the convenience of online ordering and leave the magic of preparation and delivery to us. Utilising a personal team of full and part-time riders, we ensure each cake is handled with the utmost care and precision during transit, making every order a special delivery.

Sustainability Commitment

Our ingredients are sourced locally, reducing our carbon footprint while supporting our fellow businesses. Plus, our dessert packaging is made entirely from recyclable corrugated cardboard, supporting eco-friendly practices.

Responsive and Proactive Customer Support

Expect swift responses within 1 hour on WhatsApp and 12 hours via email. Post-delivery, we encourage feedback on various aspects of our service, such as driver performance, customer service, and overall satisfaction, to help us evolve continuously.

Half the Sugar, Double the Happiness

In our commitment to promoting healthier choices, we offer diabetic-friendly cakes with a 50% reduced sugar option for select recipes. This thoughtful approach allows anyone to indulge in their sweet tooth guilt-free.