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Planning a Birthday Party in Singapore

Planning a Birthday Party in Singapore

If you're looking to celebrate a birthday in style, Singapore is the perfect place to do it! There are so many amazing venues and activities to choose from, and with a little planning ahead, you can create a birthday party that your guests will never forget.

It can get very exciting to host a birthday party in Singapore; you not only treat your guests to a fun-filled extravaganza, but you celebrate this special occasion right in the heart of
Southeast Asia.

Starting with the basics of a birthday party

There are two ways in which you can prepare a birthday party: either you do all the dirty work yourself, or you take the easy way out by hiring a party planner. Regardless, you will still be dealt with various concerns before you are assured that your party will be carried out smoothly.

Hence, here are the basics of party planning that you should know:

1. The kind of birthday party you will be preparing -you’re planning a party for whom? Would it be for your child, your boss, your parents, or yourself? While the answer to this question is pretty straightforward, everything about your party will start from here.

If you know the kind of birthday party you will be organising, then it would be way easier for you to determine all the other necessities of bringing this celebration to life, such as:

  • The guestlist
  • The venue
  • Party theme
  • Food to serve
  • The birthday cake

2. Your birthday party budget – people say this is the most crucial aspect of planning any birthday party, but the truth is, it’s only the second most important. Why so?

It’s because regardless of how big (or small) your budget is, once you have answered the question above then you become more capable of making adjustments to ensure that your birthday party will be a success.

Birthday parties are meant to be spent on, so yes, if you want a lavish, opulent celebration, then you will have to shell out money for that. Birthday party budgets are intended to be adjustable depending not only on what you need but also on what you want; you cannot settle for anything less just because of budget constraints, right? Besides, you are aligning your budget based on factors you have already determined before the actual planning stage.

Finding the Best Venue

You’ll never go wrong when choosing to celebrate your birthday party in Singapore. There are a lot of places wherein you can spend your special day, depending on how you want to do it.

Should you be looking for private venues for your upcoming celebration, here are the top picks to look at:

Cold Stone Creamery – which is more than just an ice cream parlour; it’s also home to the signature “ice cream toss dance” that provides great entertainment value;

J65 - Hawker Buffet – want it street style? then a hawker buffet at J65 is the one for you.

Bistro One Zero Three – meanwhile, if you are looking for an intimate venue for close members of the family and friends, then a taste of home at Bistro One Zero Three will do the job. They homey feel of the restaurant allows you and your guests to relax and have a good time.

The Ultimate Cake Ordering Guide

One of the things you have to prepare for as early as possible is the birthday cake. You have various options to get a cake for your party, such as:

  • buying straight from the store – convenient but offers nothing special in terms of uniqueness
  • ordering online – you can request for add-ons and other custom decorations and order in advance to ensure it arrives fresh on your big day
  • custom ordering – which takes days (or even weeks) to complete, but you get a cake that you can say is your own in terms of flavour and design

Regardless of how you will buy a birthday cake, you should take note of the following requirements:

  • How many are your expected guests so that they all get a slice of your cake?
  • Where will your party be held (so it would not be difficult to position your cake in the venue)?
  • Do you have a preferred flavour in mind?
  • What is your chosen birthday party theme so the cake would match it?

The Beginner’s Guide to Ordering a Customised Cake

You want to make your birthday party truly special, and it is your cake that will speak of it the loudest. Customised cakes are in demand these days since they make any birthday party truly worth remembering, but getting them from the bakeshop to your venue doesn’t happen overnight.

When ordering a customised cake for your birthday party, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Give as much information as possible – so the baker would know how your cake should look and taste like.
  • Be patient – your baker and their team of cake artists are working on many other orders, not just yours. It will take time for your cake to be completed, so yes, you need to order ahead of time.
  • Set a budget for your cake – customised cakes are more expensive, because you are paying for the baker’s time and effort, the ingredients, and the artistry to bring your cake vision into reality.
  • Ask about transporting options – custom cakes can be easily ruined during transit, so you should know the bakeshop intends to deliver your cake.

Making your own cake stand

Birthday cakes are the life of the party, next to the person celebrating the milestone, of course. They need to stand out, and to do that, you would need a cake stand.

You may buy one at the bakeshop, or the baker would provide you one with an add-on cost, depending on your cake.

You can also make one, too! Here are some ways to create your own birthday cake stand:

  • Use cardboard and paper – using two sizes of round cake boards, glue on the scalloped bulletin board border trim around their edges. Then cut 2 pieces of foam (one for the bottom tier and another for the top tier), and cover them with the same colour as the birthday theme then glue them onto the boards to create the tiers.
  • Use a plastic wine glass – using hot glue, stick a plastic plate onto the base of the glass, then invert the glass so the plate will be on the top to carry the cake.
  • Improvise with a scalloped pie or tart pan – if you are serving cupcakes, a round tart pan with pleated edges can serve as a cake stand, elevated using a candlestick holder underneath it.

Transporting a Tiered Birthday Cake

Is your birthday cake coming in multiple tiers? Transporting this can be tricky, since cakes are often assembled before delivery, not the other way around. Should your cake be in multiple tiers, here’s what you can do:

  • Ask the baker if the cake can be delivered in separate boxes – this way each tier is kept safe during transport and assembled to perfection only when it is already at the venue.
  • Make sure the baking team has brought in some reinforcements – such as extra flowers, frosting, and other first-aid materials to fix issues incurred by the cake during transit.
  • Drive carefully – this goes to both you and your baker (should either of you choose to deliver the cake to the venue). Make sure the car is driving on smooth roads to avoid sudden jerks, that is well ventilated, and will reach the venue within 1.5 hours.

Cupcakes for Your Birthday

Looking for other cake options for your birthday party? Why not try cupcakes instead?

Cupcakes offer the same taste and consistency as regular-sized cakes, not to mention there’s no stress in cutting the cake. If you’re hosting a smaller party where you want your guests to enjoy your cake at equal servings, then cupcakes are the way to go.

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Posted on 14 Mar 2022