Hello, I am Mayee, founder of Bob the Baker Boy.

Here, we customize bespoke cakes for any special occasions - including birthdays, anniversaries, longevity celebrations, weddings, and more!

Our Story

1. I started working from home in 2016 only knowing how to bake amazing chocolate cakes because those were what made my family so happy - but I had no idea how to decorate them.

2. The next two years I had countless of cake disasters. They thought me hard lessons on how product consistency, quality and customer service excellence were so important. That cakes in the 21st century cannot just taste good - they must look good too.

3. And when I get these things right, I realised how it made people so happy. Customers came back to tell me how I perfected their celebrations and they had the best birthday in their life…

4. And now, I hope to gather what I have learnt over the years, together with my amazing team, to spread happiness in a bigger way.

5. So why Bob? Bob was a comedian who made me happy when i was younger... So now i named my bakery Bob the Baker Boy to spready happiness through my bakes.

6. Our goal is to make 100,000 people happy with our cakes every year… Today, it’s your turn!

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We help people celebrate their life milestones in the sweetest way 🍰