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Customised Cakes in Singapore

Customised Cakes in Singapore

Ordering your first customized cake in Singapore can be overwhelming. Custom birthday cakes in Singapore are limitless. Here, we make them simple. We listed the most popular customised birthday cakes into over 30 themes. Buttercream cakes for your favourite 1st birthday boy? Celebration cakes for weddings, and gourmet cakes for a longevity birthday party? We have them all!


Prefer to design your own cake? Tell us more about your dream personalised birthday cake here, our team of artisans will craft your cake to be unique, just like you!

Our cake flavours vary from the Classic 55% Chocolate Cake, to the local Ondeh Ondeh. Have your birthday cake customised, and there’s something for everybody in our cake shop! Our cakes are also 50% lower in sugar than regular customised birthday cakes in Singapore. That means kids and elderly can enjoy them guilt free!

Order your customized birthday cake online with us today, and leave the magic to us, the specialists in birthday cakes! We will prepare your cakes fresh, and have your customized cake delivered to you anywhere in Singapore! Need your customised cake for a birthday party today or tomorrow? Drop us a WhatsApp at +6588623327 and we’ll see how we can help!

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Our Pride & Joy

Looking for something extra special for those that deserve the best things in life? We’ve got you covered! At Bob the Baker Boy, we pride ourselves in curating custom masterpieces that are as scrumptious as they look. What’s even better is that you no longer have to fret over designing a personalised cake from scratch!

With an embellished team of pastry chefs at Bob the Baker Boy, we’re blessed with the best crew any bakery could ask for. Our talented crew isn’t afraid of hard work, and it certainly shows in our intricately curated custom cakes and sweet treats, as these delicacies have been the secret behind returning customers and patriots alike!


Our pre-designed selections have brought us a long way. With an arsenal of more than 300 designs to choose from, you’d never have to worry about running out of choices! Our pre-designed treats also include those that are drinkable, money pulling, or reveals a gender - talk about innovation!

With such a huge range of choices to pick from, we understand the significance of quality. Here at Bob the Baker Boy, we are firm believers of quality over quantity, and we strive to ensure that each and every order we produce is of utmost satisfaction to ourselves, but more importantly, to our customers.

Our Goal? To Be Your Best Cake Shop in Singapore

A birthday celebration should always be made memorable. Once every year, friends and family gather and throw a birthday party, and birthday cakes usually serve as an ornament as the company of our loved ones take centre stage. However, with Bob the Baker Boy, you can be rest assured that your pre-designed birthday treat will certainly share that same spotlight!

Apart from classic cake flavours such as our Signature 55% Belgian Chocolate Cake, we offer pre-designed unique flavours and cake options. Let’s go for the bespoke Strawberry Crumble Cakes! It’s safe to say that we proudly offer the trendiest birthday cakes in Singapore, and among which are the ever-so-popular money-pulling and drinkable cakes!

We have a broad selection of unique cake designs catered to various occasions far and wide, such as for weddings, 21st birthdays, longevity celebrations (Shou Tao), kids’ birthdays and even corporate events! Whether you’re in for a wacky and bewildering design such as our Gravity-defying Floating Beer Can Cake, or a light-hearted and youthful one like our Pastel Rainbow Cake with Clouds, you name it, we’ve definitely got it.

On that note, allow us to recommend to you our fine selection of Korean cakes - there must be a reason why they’re trending! Browse through our list of these minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing curations to find out why!

At Bob the Baker Boy, any of our bakes can be tailored to become a money-pulling one, except for those under the Standard and Champagne categories. For more information on ordering and customising a money-pulling treat, feel free to visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) catered specifically for information on our money-pulling designs!

There's Always A Treat for You

Whether you’re a fan of soft and subtle sponge cakes with fresh strawberries, or a chocolate chip and Milo dinosaur lover with a sweet tooth, there’s always a treat that suits your needs! Our pre-designed selections can easily be ordered online, and since we’re the specialists of pre-designed cake delivery Singapore needs, we value the importance of great delivery service - on time and in perfect condition!

From classic bakes to over-the-top designs you never thought could be made possible on a cake, our team of artisans craft every bake to be a little unique, just like you! Our cakes are lower in sugar and high in creativity and taste - we want to be that friend that always makes your day!

With a minimum order of S$150, you get to enjoy free island-wide and same-day delivery within Singapore for all our bakes and pastries, or $15 for delivery within a 4 hour time range. If you have more flexibility with time, opt for our flexi delivery at only $9.9! We’d like to think this is the most competitive cake delivery price you’ll ever find.

Making Corporate Celebrations Sweet with Customised Cakes

Let’s face it, there’s nothing like a delicious cake to bring smiles all around at any corporate event. Whether you are celebrating a milestone in your business or thanking the team for their hard work, customised cakes in Singapore are the perfect way to add an extra special touch and show your appreciation. Here's why customised cakes make corporate celebrations even sweeter.

Surprise Your Team with Deliciousness

Customised cakes are the perfect way to surprise your team and let them know that you appreciate them. A customised cake gives you the freedom to choose from a variety of designs, flavours, and sizes so that there is something for everyone. Bespoke cakes also help create a sense of occasion and build camaraderie among your team members as they share in the enjoyment of the celebration.

The Wow Factor

Delight your team members with customised cakes to help make your corporate events more memorable and exciting. You can choose unique designs that represent your brand or go classic with timeless favourites such as chocolate fudge, vanilla, or pandan ondeh ondeh cakes. Whatever you decide, it’s sure to be a hit! Plus, you don't have to worry about anyone being left out; customised cakes in Singapore can be designed to serve large groups without compromising on taste or presentation.

Show Off Your Creativity

Giving away customised cakes for corporate events is an opportunity for companies to showcase their creativity and flair for design. It's also an effective way to promote brand recognition through visually appealing artistry that reflects the company's style and personality. Show off your creative side by adding personal touches such as messages written in icing, figurines representing employees or products, logos printed on edible paper—the possibilities are endless!

With a combination of deliciousness and creativity, our bespoke cakes at Bob The Baker Boy are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on attendees while highlighting your company's strengths. So, if you're planning a corporate event soon, consider making it even sweeter with a customised cake!

Why Customised Cakes Always Make a Great Gift

Is there a better way to surprise someone special than with a custom-made cake? A personalized cake is always the perfect gift for any occasion – whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or just because! When you give someone the gift of a custom cake, you are giving them something unique and special that they will never forget.

A Cake for Every Occasion

No matter what the occasion, there is always a cake to match! From fun designs like princesses and superheroes to more elegant options like wedding cakes, custom cakes can be designed in any shape or size and decorated in any way imaginable. Plus, these cakes taste as good as they look! You can personalize your design by adding your own message or even an edible photo topper. Whatever your vision may be, it can easily be turned into reality with a custom cake.

Custom Cakes Show You Care

When you give someone a custom cake, it shows that you took the time and effort to create something just for them. A lot of thought and consideration goes into designing something unique that matches their personality and style. This makes them feel extra special and appreciated – like they truly matter to you! That feeling is priceless when it comes to gift giving.

Giving someone a customised cake is always an excellent choice when it comes to finding the perfect gift for an occasion. Not only do these cakes look amazing but they are also incredibly delicious – making them both tasty & thoughtful gifts!

Custom cakes in Singapore show that you truly care about giving the recipient something unique and special just for them. So next time you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind present, consider going with a customised cake – your loved one will certainly appreciate it!

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Customised Cake FAQs

Our customised cakes vary depending on their size. Also, keep in mind that different cakes weigh differently even if they are the same size.

Our customised cakes usually come in either single tier or double tier sizes. For single tier sizes, popular sizes include 6”, 7”, 8” and 9” sizes. Popular double tier cake sizes include 4+6 inch double tier, 5+8 inch double tier or 6+9 inch double tier. For our semi-customised cakes, you may choose the size you want on each product page. If you need recommendations on cake sizes, contact us at +6588623327 (WhatsApp) or click for cake size graphics here!

Of course, we can, upon request! When ordering online, you can enter your message for the cake on the product page, or by contacting us via phone or Whatsapp. You may also add a gift card that contains a much sweeter message for your recipient!

Of course, we can, upon request! When ordering online, you can enter your message for the cake on the product page, or by contacting us via phone or Whatsapp. You may also add a gift card that contains a much sweeter message for your recipient!

You may place an order for a customised cake anytime at least 2-3 days, or preferably 1 week in advance. However, most of our clients usually order at least a month in advance, so that we’d have ample time to prepare their cake orders – especially during peak season.